Xeon 4 núcleos Ordenador CPU/procesadores

Quad-Core Xeon Computer Processors

The Xeon is a line of processors designed by Intel. It was first released in 1998, and it is available in many different series, depending on the needs of your business. Intel's quad-core Xeon processors are designed for most mainstream businesses applications.

What is an Intel Xeon processor?

This kind of processor is designed for workstations, servers, and embedded system hardware. The Intel Xeon line tends to have a high number of cores, large amounts of RAM, and high levels of cache memory. That is because servers and workstations will benefit from as much RAM as possible. They support ECC memory, which can detect and fix most common types of internal data corruption, and can have up to eight sockets in their systems. Xeon processors also incorporate virtualization technology, which can create another virtualized system on a single computer.

What are the features of a multi-core processor?

Features of these processors include:

  • Multiple tasks: These processors can perform multiple tasks at the same time. Each task can be done in parallel. These CPUs are useful for servers and workstations largely because of the number of parallel tasks that need to be completed at one time.
  • High flexibility: Intel Xeon multi-core processors can accommodate a wide range of needs. Intel's SpeedStep technology can dynamically change the speed of the processor based on the workload. This allows the processor to achieve the right amount of performance while minimizing power consumption and heat generation.
  • Multi-threading: These processors are also capable of a technique known as multi-threading. This improves the efficiency of a single core in a multi-core system by executing multiple processes or threads at the same time. Intel's version of this technology is known as hyper-threading.

What are the series of quad-core Intel Xeon processors?

Intel does not have a single line of quad-core Intel Core CPUs. Instead, it has many families of CPUs and different architectures, each of which may be designed for different motherboards. The first quad-core processor was released in 2006. The basic four-core design is more ubiquitous in architectures such as Kentsfield and Clovertown.

However, quad-core processors may also be found in others such as Broadwell, Skylake, and Haswell. For example, the Xeon E3-1200 v6 series, based on the Kaby Lake architecture, is designed to handle heavy workloads in entry-level business applications. The architecture allows the processors to achieve efficient performance and can run features at low levels of power consumption.