Wireless Computer Keyboard & Mouse Bundles

Working Out Whether to Get a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Switching to using a wireless mouse and keyboard combo is one of those things that once you do, you may never want to go back to the way you were working before! There are advantages to going wireless, for both desktop computer users and laptop users who may plug in larger keyboards and a separate mouse for greater flexibility.

What Are the Advantages of a Wireless Keyboard and Mouse?

The main advantages in using a wireless keyboard and mouse relate to the space they take and your own movement. Some of these include:

  • Less Clutter: One advantage to using a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse is that even though the wires on wired models with desktop computers are not large, without them there is less visual and actual clutter. Depending on the connectivity, you may still have a wired receiver to plug in, but with most range requirements, this can usually sit discretely and out of the way.
  • Freedom of Movement: With a wireless keyboard or mouse, you can have more freedom and flexibility to move both the equipment and yourself around. This has ergonomic advantages for making sure youre using each in the most comfortable position for your body. With wireless equipment, you can also work with your keyboard or mouse further away from your computer if you need to. They also give you more freedom to swap operation between people; this is handy if youre interacting in a meeting or playing a game with multiple players.
  • Alternatives to Existing Components: A wireless mouse and or keyboard can also be useful as a solution to problems generic styles supplied a system, or with keyboard or touchpad operation. You can choose peripherals with features to suit the type of apps you use and your ergonomic needs.

What Types of Connections Do You Need?

The connectivity of wireless keyboards and mice have changed over time. Some of the ways these peripherals connect to computer systems have included:

  • PS2: A PS2 connection is a style of port mostly on older computers or laptops. PS2 uses a round, six-pin plug and socket, color-coded purple or green. Wireless keyboard/mouse combos with this type of connection usually include a receiver that you connect to your computer equipment. PS2/USB adapters or converters are available.
  • USB: For models with USB receivers, the receiver plugs into a USB port on your computer or laptop.
  • Wireless: Models can also use wireless technology like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With these, so long as your computer system has the same wireless compatibility, nothing needs to physically connect to your computer for your keyboard and mouse to work.
  • Batteries: With any wireless peripheral such as a keyboard or mouse, they usually need internal batteries to transmit your movements of the mouse and keyboard to the receiver attached to your computer. The batteries you need are usually AA sized.