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Rug Pads and Accessories

Rugs and mats are a popular household accessory, whether you have smaller kitchen and bathroom mats or larger area rugs and runners. Various accessories, such as rug pads and rubber grips, can help increase the functionality of the rug. They keep it in place and therefore keep both the rug and your floors in good condition.

How do you cut padding for an area rug?

Many padding supplies can be bought in a large roll that must be cut to fit the size of your area rug. There are some tips and tricks to ensure that the process goes smoothly.

  • Measurements: Measure both the size of your area rug and the padding to determine how much material you will need. The pad should be just slightly smaller than the rug to ensure that it is not sticking out from under the edge.
  • Cutting: Regular scissors can be used for thinner rug pads, but thicker varieties may require a more durable blade. Cut the material on concrete, plywood, or another durable surface to avoid damage to your flooring.
How do you clean a rug pad?

Both the rug and rug pad can collect dirt and debris that may come from spills, hair, shoes, and more, so it is important to occasionally clean the rug pad to remove dirt and odors. Vacuum the carpet with the rug pad underneath, then shake it out outside. The pad can be cleaned with a mixed solution such as vinegar and water or baking soda mixtures and scrubbed with a sponge or cloth. Let the rug pad fully dry before putting it back on the floor.

How do you put rug grips on?

Most grips are small pieces made of silicone or rubber that fit under the corners of the rug to keep them from sliding on linoleum floors, hardwood floors, or tile floors. These rubber pieces generally stick without adhesive and can be simply pressed onto the underside of the carpet. They can be removed just as easily and rinsed off and reapplied.

What type of rug pad do you need?

Rug pads can make a large difference in your home as they can keep the rug from slipping, make it more comfortable and padded, and keep the carpet as well as the hardwood or other flooring in good condition by preventing scratching from the fibers and furniture legs. The type depends on your desired use.

  • Cushioning: If you want to add more cushion to the carpet, a thicker rug pad may be needed. Thicker varieties can go well with hard surfaces such as tile and wood floors.
  • Grips vs Pad: A full rug pad may be needed to protect the entire floor under the rug if you have hardwood floors, but small grips can be useful on durable floors and are easy to apply.

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