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What to Know About Nintendo GameCube Wireless Video Game Controllers

Wireless controllers for the Nintendo GameCube game console let you play video games without a cord getting in the way. Learn more about these products here.

What are the benefits of wireless Nintendo GameCube controllers?

Wireless GameCube controllers tend to have the same button layouts as standard and wired GameCube controllers, but they don't need to be plugged into the system's controller ports to work. As a result, these controllers give players extra freedom of movement, remove the risk of tripping over cords, allow for simpler storage and transport, and provide a less cluttered look to game setups. These controllers typically take two AA batteries each, may feature channel selector switches, and on and off buttons. Some also include a light that indicates the power level remaining.

What types of wireless controllers for the Nintendo GameCube exist?

Wireless controllers for this Nintendo console include:

  • WaveBird: An official Nintendo controller, the WaveBird is radio-frequency based and features a 20-foot range. It comes mainly in light gray and platinum, though white and red WaveBirds exist. It is compatible with the Nintendo Wii as well. This controller has a channel-selection dial and signal light, and players can use 16 WaveBird controllers in the same area without interference.
  • Pelican G3: With a 50-foot range, this wireless device provides substantial elbow room for players. In addition, the Pelican G3 features hundreds of hours of battery life, and some of its models have a built-in rumble feature to add immersion during play. Pelicans come in a wide range of colors, including black, purple, and silver.
  • Mad Catz MicroCon: This small, lightweight controller fits snugly in your hand and plays games on the Wii as well. The Mad Catz MicroCon comes in colors such as blue and silver. There are also transparent versions available.

What should you consider when choosing a wireless controller?

When picking a wireless GameCube controller, keep in mind the size and weight of the device so it suits your comfort level, and note the distance between its buttons and responsiveness of its analog sticks, especially if you play competitively. Whether the grip is smooth or textured also matters. In addition, determine the range of the controller and how many of the wireless GameCube controllers can function in the same room at once. You may also want to know if the controller has a rumble feature. Finally, check to see whether the controller comes with a dongle for receiving wireless signals.

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