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Motorcycle Riding Suits

Browse an inclusive selection of fashionable and protective gear for motorcycle riders for both regular transportation and for sporting activities. Motorcycle riding gear gives you a second skin while you are out on your bike, and this holds true whether you need to keep out dirt and water, or need a thick outer layer in case a stunt goes wrong. There are options for warmth, elbow and shoulder protection, waterproof material, and more, all available across a variety of combinations with jackets and pants or fully-contained one-piece suits.

Why are motorcycle riders often known to wear leather?

Heavy materials can not only keep you warm, but will also help to keep your skin safe. A mishap while riding could be especially dangerous compared to an automobile accidents. An incident such as a crash or spill could be life-changing or fatal for an unprotected biker. A sturdy, thick material like leather can withstand harsher conditions without ripping, and this provides your skin with strong protection. However, in addition to leather jackets and suits, there are also other materials available for riding suits.

Is a helmet enough to protect you on the go?

Many expert riders promote the importance of going beyond the minimum safety equipment required by law, and opt for full-body coverage with a suit or a combination of jacket and chaps. The ultimate answer to how heavy that protection needs to be will depend on how heavily you ride, but even those who use the motorcycle for casual transportation purposes will want to keep bodily safety and weather protection in mind. In this activity, your body, in a real sense, is part of your vehicle. If the bike goes down, so will you. The right protection can save your life. Many one-piece suits offer both waterproof protection and bodily protection.

Are body suits accessible?

Protective riding apparel comes in all forms. Suits are available with ventilation for hot weather, pockets to quickly retrieve personal belongings, and come in designs that minimize hindrance to flexibility in movement. Protective gear that can be worn underneath main layers of clothing is also available. You may choose to add a jacket to a protective layer underneath for extra warmth or more pockets. Because protective equipment is made from such durable materials, it will need little to no care and maintenance. This is especially true of equipment designed to protect against harsh weather conditions.