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Microsoft Wireless Computer Mice

Microsoft wireless computer mice by either Logitech or other manufacturers are designed to increase your productivity and work seamlessly with your Windows system via the receiver with an easy setup. A properly set up wireless device will let you work quickly and efficiently without requiring a USB cable.

What is the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center?

The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is official Microsoft software that provides drivers for almost every Microsoft accessory for Windows. This Windows software makes setup and customization easy as you do not have to search the Internet for the correct mouse driver or dive into the settings for Bluetooth support. Instead, you will be able to simply plug in your wireless mouse, enter in the Microsoft program on Windows OS, automatically download the specific Microsoft drivers, and tweak wireless settings within the software.

How do you connect and use a Microsoft wireless mouse?

Connecting and using a wireless mouse from Microsoft is just as easy as connecting a wired one. There are a few steps to take that will ensure you're getting the maximum value from your Microsoft hardware.

  • Check the type of receiver your wireless device uses. If it's a Bluetooth-enabled wireless mouse, you should not need to plug a receiver into the computer. Simply scroll to the computer's settings and turn on Bluetooth. If there is a USB receiver, make sure that it is plugged into one of the computer ports.
  • Check for drivers. Some mice need the correct set of drivers installed to work properly. You can use the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center to easily install drivers.
  • Find the button or switch to turn the mouse on. These buttons often get overlooked and are a source of frustration for many. On Microsoft hardware, the buttons are usually on the bottom of the mouse. If your mouse is turned on but still isn't working, check if the batteries for the mouse are dead. Alternatively, check if the USB port is picking up signals correctly.
What should you look for in a wireless mouse?

Some common features to consider when looking at Microsoft wireless mice include:

  • Mouse depth and height: Your hand is unique, with a different size and shape than those around you. Every wireless mouse is shaped differently to accommodate varying hand shapes and uses, so you will want to find something from Microsoft that properly fits your hand and expected uses, such as gaming or general use.
  • Sensitivity: Different types of Microsoft wireless mice have varying levels of dots per linear inch, which is a measure of how the mouse can read movement over a surface. If you are performing high-precision tasks that require sensitive mouse movement on a standardized surface, you'll want a mouse with a high amount of dots per linear inch.
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