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What You Need to Know About HP Wireless Computer Mice

Wireless computer mice have become widely accepted for their convenience in recent years, and HP has made a variety of models. If you're upgrading to a wireless mouse or need to replace one that's failed on your laptop, HP wireless computer mice may fit your needs. You can learn more about the HP computer mice here.

How do wireless computer mice connect to a device?

Depending on the model, a wireless computer mouse can connect using a Nano USB Wi-Fi connector that you plug into your computer, or it may use Bluetooth to pair with a device. Bluetooth is typically used to work with mobile devices like tablets that often lack standard USB connectors. There are wireless computer mouse models that can use any of these wireless technology methods to establish a wireless connection.

What type of power source does a wireless mouse use?

Most HP wireless computer mice require AA or AAA batteries for a power source. Depending on the model and how many hours a day you use it, a computer mouse's battery will last between three and six months. Some manufacturers provide software that will display your mouse's remaining battery charge.

What are some features of wireless computer mice?

While computer mice all share many standard features, here are some that differentiate one wireless mouse model from another.

  • Full or travel size: Some people find the full or travel size mice to be more comfortable. Choose the one that works best for you. If you'll be carrying it with a laptop, a travel size mouse might be more convenient.
  • Speed button: Some mice are designed to let you select the speed it moves a cursor and provide a visual indicator on the mouse. If you use a mouse with more than one computer, this may come in handy when switching from a low-resolution display to a higher one.
  • Programmable buttons: Another extra feature you'll find on some computer mice are extra programmable buttons. Usually, on the sides of a mouse, they can add convenient functions like acting as backwards and forwards buttons on a web browser. They can be assigned functions from a selection with software provided by the manufacturer.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity: If you use a wireless mouse with a mobile device and a computer, you may want to find a wireless mouse with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability so you can switch between them. Bluetooth connectivity is needed for devices lacking a standard USB port.
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