Mophie Cajas del Teléfono Celular para Samsung

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Extend the battery life on your Samsung with a Mophie Juice Pack

In today's world, our electronic devices are diversely useful possessions. One of the biggest issues that we come across with our devices is a dead or dying battery. Using a Mophie juice pack will add some extra battery life to your electronic device.

What is a Mophie charging juice pack?

Some people have never heard of or thought to use an extra battery to extend the life and talk time on their device. However, battery cases are fairly common among consumers. Essentially, a Mophie is an extra battery built into a protective case. The case stores power inside the internal battery. At the touch of a button, the case is turned on and serves as a power source for your electronic device.

How much power does a battery case provide?

Obviously, one of the most important factors to consider when buying a juice pack is how much battery life it will actually give your device. While it is going to vary from one cellular device to another, the average juice pack will take a completely dead device to a 60% battery charge.

What devices can you use with a Mophie?

Those considering purchasing a Mophie would like to know exactly what devices that they can use with their Mophie juice pack. As with any protective case on the market, this battery case is designed to fit only one particular device. If you buy it for a certain model, it will not work with any other device. With that being said, Mophie makes battery cases for a large selection of devices. Here are a few of the Samsung devices that the Mophie charger pack comes available for:

  • Most Galaxy Note series
  • Most Galaxy S series
  • Most Galaxy Edge series
How do you charge this unit?

One of the biggest questions among consumers deals with how you charge this battery case. When the case connects to the phone, you will notice that the charger port on the bottom of their cellular device is going to be filled. By plugging in the provided micro USB port into the bottom of the charging unit, you will not only charge the unit but the phone as well. This is called pass-through charging. While some consumers would have to use a different cord, Samsung users are lucky enough to not have to. Most Samsung devices already use a micro USB cord to charge. This means that they will already be familiar with the look and feel of such cord and upon getting a Mophie, will not have to learn anything new.