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iRiver MP3 Players

iRiver is a South Korean consumer electronics company that produces digital media players and portable devices. An iRiver MP3 player allows you to upload and access your favorite music or audio wherever you go. There are many different models available.

What is an MP3 player?

An MP3 player may refer to any digital audio device. Although MP3 is the most common coding format for digital audio, most MP3 players are also compatible with WMA and OGG formats and may play video files as well. Most MP3 players store audio files on an internal flash-based memory system, but a few use a hard drive instead. Flash-based memory tends to experience fewer disruptions and skips during transportation.

What are the main types of iRiver MP3 players?

The following are just some of the MP3 players manufactured by iRiver:

  • iRiver Lplayer: This compact design comes with many features. With its full-colored digital display, the Lplayer allows you to listen to MP3s and FM radio as well as make audio recordings. There are also options to enhance sound quality.
  • iRiver E100: This MP3 player also contains an FM radio and offers playback for both videos and photos that can be uploaded to the device. There is an extensive list of audio formats that it supports, plus you can expand the amount of available storage with a microSD card.
  • iRiver Clix: Like the two previous MP3 players, this one supports subscription music content. It also has an FM radio and voice-recording capability. You can view text on it along with photos and videos. A digital clock, timer, and alarm clock are also included and can be used while listening to music. This device also features a larger color display than the Lplayer.
  • iRiver T30: A slim MP3 player that is devoted entirely to playing digital audio. This particular MP3 player requires the use of AAA battery, and it is small enough to slide into a pocket. Along with the usual music player buttons like play and stop, there are buttons that allow you to repeat a song and play your music on shuffle. In-line recording is also available.
  • Astell & Kern AK Jr: This high-resolution MP3 player manufactured by iRiver has extensive functionality. It has a menu with lyrics displayed on it, and it produces stereo sound.
How does the iRiver MP3 player work?

Most iRiver players have a USB hookup. You just need to plug the other end of the USB cord into a computer running either Windows or Mac operating systems. Then you can drag and drop your music into a folder that is created when the player is connected. Some models also feature slots for microSD cards, allowing music to be played or uploaded directly from there.

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