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Yves Saint Laurent created the YSL fashion house with his partner in 1961. Through the years, the French fashion designer created a number of trends. One of these style trends is a towering pair of high heel shoes.

Does Yves Saint Laurent make high heel boots?

The Saint Laurent label features all kinds of leather boots, including those with heels above 3 inches. You may be interested in the leather ankle style with block high heels. Another example is the YSL Babies model in a brown suede with belted details. The Paris Western High Heels is a mid-calf height boot with high heels. These leather boots sport an airy 4.5-inch stiletto heel. The Niki 85 style of knee-length boots is set with high gloss leather in black and features cone-shaped heels that tower above 3 inches.

Does Yves Saint Laurent create pumps?

The Saint Laurent line of shoes features many types of pumps. Among them is the suede platform pump. The Joan is constructed from black Nappa leather and features a zippered peep toe. These pumps also sport a 4.5-inch heel height. Dressier shoes include Yves Saint Laurent black satin pumps that are above 3 inches in height. These pumps offer classic lines along with height.

Does Yves Saint Laurent create wedge heels?

Saint Laurent expands its standard shoes and designs to include a line of wedge shoes. Many in this category also sport heights above 3 inches. Pumps, such as the leather loafer with a 4.5-inch heel, is one example of Yves Saint Laurent shoes offerings. Another area where youll see high wedge heels is with boots of every length. Finally, wedges can be combined with high heels to create espadrilles and sandals.

Does Yves Saint Laurent create platform heels?

The Saint Laurent line offers many different styles of platform high heel shoes, and each boasts a height of above 3 inches. Many of Saint Laurents platforms are created as sandals. An example is the New Riveg 105, which is a strappy and dressy option for black leather shoes with heels. Yves Saint Laurent also provides several styles of platform boots. One example in this category is a pair of sand brown Tribute suede boots. Black patent leather platform pumps with platform heels is another choice from Yves Saint Laurent.

Does Yves Saint Laurent create sandals with heels?

Sandals, such as the Tribute in brown leather, are among the offerings in the Saint Laurent shoes collection. These shoes feature a platform bed to support the 4.5-inch stilettos. For stiletto sandals without the platform, the Tribute in metallic silver leather is an alternative. Saint Laurent also provides plenty of choices of wedge sandals with high heels. These include back patent leather sandals.

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