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Reveiwing the Xtrons Car Video Headrest Monitor with Built In Player

Xtrons offers a number of different car video headrest monitors with built-in players. These devices come in a variety of sizes and come equipped with a number of features as well. Many of these devices are sold in pairs, but are also available singly.

What are the different screen sizes offered by Xtrons?

Most of the screen sizes available are classified as measuring between 7 to 9.9 inches or 10 to 12.9 inches. A number of these devices measure out to 9 inches. There are also several headrest sets with screens that measure 10 or 10.1 inches. Several 11.6-inch screens are available as well.

What are the different devices offered by Xtrons?

Xtrons offers a number of different options to consumers interested in installing a video headrest into their vehicle. The devices are usually most distinguishable by their color, size, and available features. Some of the Xtrons DVD devices available include:

  • 9-inch Car Pillow Headrest: This pair of pillow headrests features a DVD player and touchscreen equipped with an HDMI port. This car DVD player also comes with a pair of headphones. Some of the other features include an FM transmitter, remote control, built-in stereo speaker, and memory control input.
  • Gray 9-inch HD Car Headrest: This monitor pillow is a DVD player that is also designed to support 32-bit games. The remotes for the headrest monitors are designed to be used as a gamepad. Wireless headphones and a cover with a zipper are included with this pair of headrest monitors.
  • 11.6-inch IPS Screen Car Headrest: The video provided by this pillow monitor is delivered in HDMI 1080P resolution. The audio for this DVD player is provided by the stereo dual speaker. A USB port, HDMI port, and SD slot are built into this DVD device.
  • 9-inch Black Active Car Headrest: These DVD player monitors and headphones are designed for DVDs, games, USB devices, and FM radio. There are models equipped with HD digital touchscreens and LCD screens as well.
  • 10.1-inch Car Headrest: The built-in stereo system for this touch panel headrest player features a dual amplifier. The display settings on the player can be used to change contrast, saturation, and brightness of the picture.
What are some other features offered with Xtron devices?

Many of the DVD headrests can be adjusted to accommodate different viewing angles. A DVD slot drive is equipped with most of these player devices. They are designed to be used in the vehicle or in the home as well. The devices support multiple audio, video, and DVD formats. There are a number of LCD models available in different sizes as well. Video sharing is also available on many of these DVD player devices.

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