Cinturones de Mujer

Women's Belts

Women's belts serve as a support for pants and skirts and are often used as fashionable accessories. Here is some information about the features and designs of belts available for women.

What are the different sizes available?

Although belts are commonly worn with pants, their sizes differ from pant size. To pick out the right size, make sure that they are two inches larger than your waist or hip size. The sizes are measured at the middle hole. The sizes are measured in inches, and in Europe, they are shown in centimeters. There are belts available for women of all sizes.

What kinds of materials are women's belts made of?

Different brands and models of women belts are made of different materials. Typically, materials used are leather, chain, suede, polyester, stretch material, wool, or silk.

What are the top models for women?

There are many types of belt models for women. These include crocheted, complimentary, polyester, decorative stretch, gold design, waist braided, narrow waist, metal, elastic pearl, soft leather, diamond waist, cloth, corset stretch, rope weave waist, embroidered, and leather belt.

 What are the types of buckles available for women?

The buckle is one of the main accessories of the product. It fastens the two ends of the band. The types of buckles include:

  • Frame-style: The prong attaches to one end of the frame and extends out from the wearer through a hole on the band, and then anchors at the opposite side of the frame.
  • Box-out: A strong and durable material is used for the band of these purely fashionable buckles.
  • Plate-style: A hole in the band is connected through a hook on the back side of the buckle.
  • Box-frame: This type of buckle has three parts. A captive post is perpendicular to the band and is pressed against the outer frame to surround the webbing.

How can belts be worn?

Belts are designed to shape out your outfit. If you have a thick torso and undefined waist, go for black or other dark-colored belts. If you have a short waist and long legs, use thinner brands that blend in color with your top. If you have a longer waist, you can use a thicker belt with contrasting color to your top that matches the color of your bottom.