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Women's 100% Cashmere Cardigan

Cardigans are knitted garments that have open fronts, and cashmere is a material often used to make cardigans. Some have buttons whereas others don't. Women's cashmere cardigans are a warm and cozy option for women in cool to cold weather.

What is cashmere?

Cashmere is a type of wool made of hairs from a cashmere goat's undercoat. Cashmere is soft and fine, making it a good material to wear during the cooler months. Gathering the hair from a goat to make 100% cashmere cardigans is a labor-intensive process because the cashmere goat's coarse top coat protects the undercoat. The goat hair must be combed and sorted by hand. It takes two cashmere goats to make just one two-ply cashmere sweater.

What are some characteristics of high-quality cashmere?

The quality of a cashmere cardigan can be defined by the following criteria:

  • Softness - Good quality cashmere is soft to the touch and softens over time.
  • Plies - High-quality cashmere is two plies or higher.
  • Tightly woven - Test the elasticity of a cashmere cardigan by stretching the clothing. 100% cashmere should spring back. Top quality cashmere is tightly woven.
  • Color - The whiter the cashmere cardigan, the softer it is. This is because the fibers in the cardigan received less dye than more colorful cardigans. However, whatever color you like, you can still expect to find 100% cashmere cardigans that are soft and cozy.

What styles of women's cashmere cardigans are there?

Women's cardigans made from cashmere come in many different styles and can have either long or short sleeves. The open front makes it a suitable option for women who wish to layer their outfits and coordinate colors. Common styles of cardigans include:

  • V-neck - A v-neck cardigan has a neckline with straight sides forming a V shape. Women can pair this type of cardigan with a button-down collared shirt or t-shirt underneath.
  • Striped - Striped cardigans can be worn with neutral tops and skinny pants. Women may also wear the striped cardigan over a mild-colored dress.
  • Hooded - Worn over a simple dress or with a tunic top, a hooded cardigan made of cashmere can help women stay warm in cooler weather.

What size do you need to buy?

If you've never bought a cashmere sweater before, you're probably wondering what size you need to buy. Some sellers provide sizing charts to help you. For those that don't have sizing charts, a size 0 sweater often corresponds with a 32-inch bust, 2 for 33-inch bust, and 4 for 34-inch bust. From there, each sweater size increase corresponds with a 2-inch bust increase, except for 14, which is a 45-inch bust.