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Field the Ball with Confidence Using a Wilson A2000 Ball Glove

The Wilson Sporting Goods Company has been making ball gloves for more than a century. One of their models is the Wilson A2000. There are more than 50 individual Wilson A2000 gloves, so there is a new or used A2000 glove for you, no matter how big or small your hand is or what position on the field you play.

Are there different gloves for different positions?

Wilson A2000 ball gloves are designed for each specific position on the ball field. There more than 50 different styles divided into five position categories, which consist of the following:

  • Catcher’s mitt – There are six different models of Wilson A2000 catchers mitt made for catchers.
  • First baseman’s mitt – The Wilson A2000 comes in four different designs for first basemen, both right and left-handed.
  • Infield gloves – The Wilson A2000 infield gloves are categorized according to glove length and have a closed web design.
  • Outfield gloves – The Wilson A2000 outfield gloves are also available in different lengths, and they have an open web so outfielders can visually track fly balls.
  • Pitcher gloves – There are eight Wilson A2000 pitching gloves designed to help pitchers hide the ball, as well as field their position.
Why are there so many different Wilson A2000 gloves?

The infield models come in sizes as short as 11 inches to as long as 11 3/4 inches. A slightly longer glove is preferred by third basemen, while middle infielders benefit from a shorter glove length. Each of the 22 models of infield gloves has a slightly different shape. This gives you a chance to find a fit that feels better on your hand. Wilson outfield gloves are a full inch to two inches longer than an infielder’s glove. Outfield gloves also have an open web, so outfielders can see fly balls. Both the Wilson A2000 first baseman’s mitt and catcher’s mitt models are gloves made specifically for these two positions, but like the gloves for fielders, giving you a choice in shape helps you find a glove that fits your hand.

How to select the right Wilson A2000 ball glove

Consider the following to help you select the right A2000 ball glove:

  • Position – Start by browsing eBay for Wilson A2000 gloves made for the position you play.
  • Web design – Consider what web design you need. While open webs are commonly preferred by outfielders, there are also open webs on various infield gloves as well.
  • Glove length – Once you narrow your choice by position, use your hand size to make your final choice. Shorter hands should lean towards a shorter glove, and if you have large hands, you’ll be more comfortable with a longer glove.
  • Handedness- Are you right or left-handed?
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