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Wild Diva Shoes for Women

Wild Diva Shoes, a division of Legend Footwear Inc., has been offering shoes for consumers since 1998. Wild Diva shoes for women offers boots, flats, heels, pumps, sandals, sneakers, and more. Kid's shoes are available, too.

What kinds of boots are there from Wild Diva?
  • Thigh-high: These kinds of boots go up and over the knee, reaching about mid-thigh, depending on the height of the wearer. They have patterns like leopard print or neon purple. They usually feature a pointed toe, and are available with flat, short, and tall heels.
  • Knee-high: Coming up to the knee, these boots are available in colors like gold, black, and floral prints. They have various embellishments such as lace, buttons, and embroidery. Heels come in short, tall, flat, and stiletto, and the toes may be either pointed or rounded.
  • Mid-calf: The exact height of these boots in relation to the calf depends on the height of the wearer, but they will completely cover the ankle on everyone with some coverage up the calf. These are available with everything from stilettos to flat soles such as lug and combat styles.
  • Ankle-high: These kinds of boots for women come in colors like metallic gold and metallic silver, in addition to basic colors like black and brown. Heel types include flat, stiletto, tall, and short. There are also platform style, pointed-toe, rounded-toe, and open-toe styles.
  • Shoe booties or "shoeties": These fall into a category between boots and shoes, with styles ranging from simple and casual to formal and elaborate. They are available in short, tall, and stiletto heels with fabrics and materials ranging from leather to mesh and lace. Shoe booties for women come in both closed-toe and open-toe options.
Does Wild Diva offer shoes and sandals for warm weather?

Wild Diva has a line of shoes for women that can be worn in warm weather and during the spring/summer seasons. Flats, mules, oxfords, and sneakers are some of the options. There are also wedges and sandals from Wild Diva as well as pumps and heels.

What types of sandals can you get from Wild Diva?

Wild Diva's sandals fall into three categories: high-heel sandals, dressy sandals, and flat sandals. Their flat sandals have a flat heel and minimal embellishments. They are typically made with matte materials and may also be brightly colored. Formal sandals may also be flat, but there are also some with heels that have decorative touches or contrasting bits. Wild Diva's embellishments may include metallic finishes, rhinestones, sequins, glitter, pearls, ribbons, synthetic flowers, fake fur, or bows.

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