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How to Buy Accessories for the Wii Balance Board

You enjoy video games, but you also want to focus on your wellness at the same time. When movement and fun are your goals, the Wii balance board and its related accessories can help you get there. Many games and exercises only require the board and remote, but some may need or can be enhanced by accessories.

What is the Wii?

The Wii is a gaming console originally released by Nintendo in 2006.

  • The Wii's library of games includes familiar titles, shooters, strategy, and fitness games, and its motion-based inputs allow more players to enjoy video games in situations where those played with classic controllers or with a mouse and keyboard are not appealing or accessible.
  • A Wi-Fi connection allows the Wii to connect to the Internet to download and update games, play online games, and interact with other users, represented by Mii characters.
  • A new Wii console was bundled with a sports game to highlight the system's motion-based controls. Sports like bowling, tennis, and golfing are included within Wii Sports, while Wii Sports Resort was released soon after and expanded upon this with 12 more sports and enhanced motion tracking through the MotionPlus.

What is Wii Fit?

Wii Fit is a title released for the Wii that introduced the balance board and fitness tracking.

  • The balance board senses weight distribution and movement, so activities like snowboarding, hula-hooping, and balance games use this to create a more natural mimicry of the real-life activity. Exercises like yoga, aerobics, and strength training add a more serious touch to gaming.
  • Over 40 activities and exercises are included in Wii Fit, where personal goals and progress can be tracked using statistics like BMI and a user's center of gravity. The device can also be used by multiple people, each with his or her own profile.
  • New activities can be unlocked as progress is made, which may help to motivate players to continue tracking their progress.

Which accessories can be used with this Nintendo system?

Attachments that are shaped like sports equipment can make certain activities feel more natural or add additional control.

  • The Nintendo Nunchuk controller adds motion-based control with a joystick and buttons, and it's used with the remote that is included with the system. The Pro Controller is similar to the controller design on other systems and can be used with certain titles that require this traditional approach.
  • A microphone and gun-shaped attachment are also available, and some titles may require audio input. Those that include the firing of weapons, like shooters, may be enhanced with the Zapper attachment.
  • Steering wheels, tennis rackets, and golf clubs are additional options for gameplay. Official Nintendo steering wheel attachments are also available, as are third-party versions.