Glitter White Eyeliners

Makeup is a popular way to customize your look and the products you use say a lot about the look you are going for, leaving endless options and combinations that can help you define your style. Glitter eyeliners are a fun cosmetic for a bold look that stands out from the traditional black options. White glitter eyeliner can easily be combined with other makeup, making it a great option to have in your cosmetics collection.

These eyeliners are applied and removed similarly to regular eyeliners, and many styles and tactics can be used to achieve a specific look.

  • Application: Using a mirror, steadily trace the outline of your eyelid just along the lash line, holding the skin around the eye taut and keeping your eye closed slightly. For a thick line, you can trace a full path or smudge the product with a brush for a smooth look. Other tactics, such as tracing a wing outside of the inner corner of your eye, can add a bold look.
  • Removal: To remove these products, use a specialized eye-makeup remover and a cotton ball or pad to wipe away the makeup. Some products will easily wipe off when washed with water. Use caution when wiping the eyes to ensure that glitter particles do not enter your eye.

Are glitter eyeliners long-lasting?

The lasting effect of glitter varieties will depend on the specific product, and there are plenty of options out there that last just as long, or even longer, than some regular liners. Some products classify as waterproof, keeping the liner intact through sweat, rain, swimming, and more. Primers also can be used with these products and other cosmetics to leave you with a long-lasting and flawless look.

What are the types of glitter liners?

There are many liner options out there, but the two main categories of these products fall into pencil or liquid/gel.

  • Liquid or Gel: Liquid liners provide a precise, clean, and bold look. These options are long-lasting and do not smudge easily.
  • Pencil: Pencils are less precise, leaving plenty of room to customize your look with smudging and blending for a desired effect.

What are the benefits of white eyeliners?

White eyeliners and other light colors are not as commonly worn as the traditional black, providing a bold and unique look that is designed to make you stand out. Other than creating a unique look, there are other benefits to wearing light and white eyeliners, such as the brightening effect they have. The lighter color helps your eyes pop, and it pairs well with other makeup colors, whether they are bright, dark, or subtle. White eyeliner can also be worn without mascara and other makeup, giving your face and eyes a more natural look.