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Dodge Dart Wheel Lugs

The Dodge Dart sedan has made two appearances on the automotive stage. It was first produced in the sixties and seventies, then reappeared in 2013. Whether you are restoring an older model or putting new rims on a later one, you can find wheel lugs to suit the personality of your ride.

What are wheel lugs?

Wheel lugs are the parts that screw onto the wheel studs to securely attach the wheels to the vehicle. The entire assembly that includes the studs, the wheel, and the lug nuts is engineered to hold the wheels in the orientation that will provide the optimal performance for the Dart.

What is the bolt pattern of the Dodge Dart?

The bolt pattern includes the number of lugs on each wheel and the diameter of the circle they form when mounted. On the earlier models of this Dodge, the bolt pattern was expressed in standard form. Since 2013, it has been stated in metric form.

Dodge Darts made before 1973 have a bolt pattern of 5x4. This means that each wheel has five lug nuts, and they form a circle that is four inches in diameter. In 1973, Dodge enlarged the pattern to 5x4.5. The revival of the model in 2013 came with a 5x110 pattern. The cars still have five lug nuts per wheel, but they form a circle that is 110 millimeters in diameter.

How do you choose lug nuts for a Dodge Dart?

The essential thing to remember is that the lug nuts must be compatible with the studs and the wheel. A few of the things you will need to consider include:

Threads - The wheel studs on the older Darts are 1/2 - 20. This means they are .5 inches in diameter and have 20 threads per inch. The later models are 12x1.25, which means the studs are 12 millimeters in diameter and the threads are 1.25 millimeters apart. The lug nuts must have the same thread pattern or they will not hold the wheels securely to the vehicle.

Seat type - Most Dodge Darts use lugs with a conical seat type. The seat is the part of the nut that faces the wheel. If your wheels do not use a cone seat, they will likely use a shaft seat, which is a longer lug nut. Your wheels will determine which type you need.

Length and diameter - If the rims on your car have covers that go over the lugs, you will need to get the type called “shortâ€_x009d_ or “under-hub.â€_x009d_ Otherwise, you are free to choose any length of lug nut you like that fits. You also have some flexibility in the diameter of the nuts, although some rims require thin spline styles.

Style and finish - Closed-end lug nuts have a cap on the end, while open-end styles do not. You can choose whichever you prefer. Locking lug nuts are also available for this Dodge. One locking nut per wheel will help keep your rims safe. You can find a variety of colors and finishes including black, silver, gold, red, and green.