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Honda S2000 Wheel Center Caps

If you own a Honda vehicle, you know how important it is to keep it functioning as it should and looking great, too. While often overlooked, wheel center caps are an important part of both of these goals. They help protect your Honda S2000 from unnecessary wear and tear, and they also increase its visual appeal.

What are Honda S2000 wheel center caps?

Honda wheel center caps are a type of hubcap. They are a disc that covers the lug nuts and sometimes portions of your Hondas wheels. The purpose of the wheel center cap is two-fold. They protect the bearings, wheels, and brake system from getting dirt and other road debris in them. If this occurs, wear and tear will happen sooner. Wheel center caps also increase the visual appeal of your Honda as they hide the lug nuts from plain view.

What are Honda OEM and aftermarket brands?

When purchasing parts for your Honda, you have two different options. You can purchase the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brand—in this case, Honda—or you can purchase another brand. Other brands are known as aftermarket. Both have their own benefits. For instance, if you want the Honda logo or emblem on your wheel center caps, you will need to purchase OEM ones.

How do you install Honda wheel center caps?

Wheel center caps most often attach with spring-loaded clips. These clips allow them to easily snap on and take off. To apply your wheel center caps on your Honda, follow the manufacturers instructions. Most of the time, you will not need any special tools. When removing them, you may need a flat head screwdriver to help pop the clips off.

If your wheel center caps are metal, you may need a lug wrench or a screwdriver to remove and apply the new ones. Metal caps often attach with other screws or the help of the lug nuts. No matter what type of wheel center cap your vehicle has, you should always take it for a short test drive after applying new ones. This will help ensure that they are attached securely and will not fall off when you are driving down the road.

What are non-rotating wheel center caps?

Some Honda owners want their hubcaps to stand out. Non-rotating wheel center caps stay in one position, no matter the position of the wheel. They are held in place with a special weighting system. Since they do not turn, these types of caps are ideal for words, letters, pictures, and advertisements.