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Wheel Center Caps for GMC Yukon

Dress up the wheels of your GMC Yukon with eye-catching, protective wheel center caps. With many finishes, designs, and styles, these top-quality center caps not only enhance the appearance of your wheels, but they also hide and protect the hub area. With this large collection made from high-quality materials and a variety of colors, with or without designs, youll find the perfect wheel center caps for your SUV.

What purpose do wheel center caps serve?

Wheel center caps are primarily decorative components on the wheels of your SUV though they do fit over the hub area, protecting it from dirt and grime in the nut and wheel area. They are a type of hubcap although they differ in how much of the wheels surface they actually cover. They are more commonly used on alloy wheels or styled steel wheels.

Wheel center caps are a convenient but inexpensive way to dress up the wheels of your SUV and are easy to replace. If any of your wheel caps are scuffed, broken, or lost, youll find replacements in singles, doubles, or a pack of four to use for restoring your vehicles appearance. Also, they are a great way to revitalize the look of your favorite Yukon.

What wheel center caps are available for GMC Yukon?

Wheel center caps are available as either factory center caps or aftermarket center caps. Know all of the details about your Yukon so that you can find compatible center caps.

  • Factory wheel center caps come from the factory and are true, original caps. If you feel its important to keep your GMC Yukon true to factory specifications, then they are what you are seeking. Available usually in metal or plastic, they generally have chromed, painted, or polished finishes.
  • Replica caps are not original center caps although they can be made into identical, high-quality copies. These center caps are available in a wide selection of designs, finishes, and styles. They can offer the GMC logo or other designs on their faces.
What wheel center caps size is needed?

Whether you decide on a replica center cap or original center caps for your Yukon, youll need to know the correct size to ensure a proper fit. There are three ways to find the size of the center caps for your Yukon:

  • Know the model number of your original caps.
  • Know your wheel dimensions.
  • Know your original center cap dimensions.