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GMC Sierra 2500 Wheel Center Caps

GMC Sierra 2500 wheel center caps are small disks of metal or plastic designed to cover the middle portion of the wheel. They are used to protect the wheel bearing and lug nuts from getting coated in grime and dirt, and they also serve a cosmetic purpose. Caps are generally made from either plastic or alloy metals.

Are GMC center caps necessary?

Center caps protect the wheel bearing and lug nuts on your pickup. This is especially important if youre often taking your Sierra 2500 on dirt roads or off-road. Dirt and grime can get into the wheel bearing and lug nuts, making it difficult to remove for repair or to change the tire. There is also a higher possibility of rusting in these parts if they are not properly covered.

What materials are center caps made from?

Center caps come in a few different types of material. The most common material used for wheel center caps is stainless steel. Stainless steel is a good material for vehicle use because it resists the creation of rust. Other alloy metals, like chrome, and plastic are also used for wheel center caps.

How do you find the proper size for your caps?

There are a few different ways to figure out what size caps you need for your pickup truck.

  • Original center cap model number: If you currently have old center caps that fit on your GMC wheels, theyll have a model number on them. Remove one of the center caps from your truck and look on the back. The model number will be there.
  • Original center cap size: You need three proportions when measuring your center cap by hand. First, start with depth. Place your measuring tool inside the center cap until its pressed flushed to the inner back. Next is the opening of the center cap. Place your measuring tool from end to end on the opening lip of the cap. The third proportion is for the inner walls. Place your measuring tool from end to end on the inner walls of the center cap.
  • Wheel dimensions: If you dont have any of your old caps available, youll need your GMC wheel dimensions. This is done by measuring the area on your vehicle where the center cap goes. First, youll need to measure the outermost area of the cap region. Make sure you are using the widest portion to do your measurements. The next measurement is at the innermost base of the region from wall to wall. Take note of the number of lug holes on the wheel.