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Wheel Center Caps for GMC Jimmy

General Motors made and sold its GMC Jimmy between 1983 and 2005 as the GMC twin of the Chevrolet Blazer sports utility vehicle. The sports utility vehicle started out in the 1980s as a small car and became a mid-size vehicle along with the Blazer throughout the mid-90s to 2005. GMC SUVs and trucks use wheel center caps that vary in size and appearance depending on year and edition, protecting the wheel assembly, brakes, and other drivetrain parts from damage due to mud, road grime, and wet weather.

Can center caps for the Jimmy be acquired individually?

Owners may purchase individual GMC wheel center caps for their year and trim of SUV in replica editions, original equipment (OEM) choices, or as aftermarket parts. Replacement wheel center caps may fit steel or alloy rally wheels. Replica caps matching the exact GMC model and edition may be purchased one at a time to replace lost or damaged parts.

Which wheel center cap trims and finishes are offered?

Owners may find replacement center caps and wheel covers matching original GMC wheels from the 1980s and 1990s. Polished silver center caps with embossed red GMC logos are available. You can also find black and red enamel and chrome center caps with molded lug detailing and General Motors logos. Offroad and rally versions of center caps with GMC insignia or 4x4 logos can match GMC SUV wheels. Brushed steel, chrome, alloy, and painted center caps may be purchased. Logos and emblems may be added to plain polished or brushed silver center caps.

Can NOS GMC center caps be purchased?

New Old Stock (NOS) parts for all generations and years of the GMC SUV are available, including wheel center caps and cap covers from the 1980s onward. Some NOS wheel center caps, covers, and hubcaps also fit the Chevy Blazer, but the GMC insignia can be important for restoration projects or collectible vintage vehicles.

Should center caps have matching part numbers?

General Motors SUVs and Chevy Blazers were sold with a number of different wheel sizes, lug configurations, and trim packages. Wheel center caps and hub caps may not fit unless the part numbers on the back of the replacement match the original numbers exactly. Wheel size, whether 15-inch, 16-inch, or 17-inch, number of spokes, and wheel hub size all influence the fit of wheel center caps or similar replacements for a GMC Jimmy sports utility vehicle.