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Ford Crown Victoria Wheel Center Caps

Ford offers superior wheel center caps for the Crown Victoria model. Nonetheless, the vehicles center caps can be replaced with flashier aftermarket wheel center caps that come in various sizes and shapes. Center caps are made from plastic or light metal, like aluminum.

What is the function of wheel center caps?

Center caps are dust covers fastened at the center of the wheel to keep moisture and dirt from the bearings. They are also used as decorative accessories that can enhance the look of your Ford Crown Victoria. Large wheel center caps are used to shield and protect lug nuts, wheel studs, and bearing dust covers.

What are the types of Ford Crown Victoria center caps?

There are numerous shapes and styles of wheel center caps that can be fixed on Ford Crown Victoria wheels. The most common types include:

  • Original equipment manufacturer wheel center cap: These center caps are directly purchased from Ford and its distributors.
  • Custom wheel center caps: These caps have no design procedures, making them available in designs most preferable to the driver. Customized center caps offer a unique look.
  • Aftermarket wheel center caps: These are available in various designs and colors, and manufactured even by other center cap dealers apart from Ford. The center caps from the original manufacturer are removed and replaced with another from a secondary manufacturer. Since these types of center caps are available from varying sources, it is vital to be aware of the vehicles wheel size to ensure that the new center cap fits.
  • Chrome wheel center caps: These caps are used by drivers with the intention of matching chrome wheels with chrome center caps. These are mostly used for aesthetic purposes.
  • Painted wheel center caps: The material fastened at the center of the wheel is painted using weatherproof paint designed for outside use. Proper painting requires two coats of paint applied evenly with enough drying space in between.

What are the styles of wheel center caps?

Crown Victoria center caps come in various styles:

  1. Center caps pushed in from the back of wheel: These are held in place by a flange located at the bottom of the lid.
  2. Center caps snapped into the front of the wheel: In this style, the center cap is pushed into the face of the wheel. A retention fastener is snapped into the machined groove, making the center hole. A spring ring is used to apply pressure to the back of the fastener. This makes the center caps blend in with the wheels front face.
  3. Center caps that cover the entire lug nut area: This type is bolted to the face of the wheel and covers the lug nuts. The center cap is designed with fingers that go into the holes of the lug nuts.

What are the considerations for selecting caps?

When in the market for Ford Crown Victoria center caps, it is essential to determine beforehand:

  • The most preferred type
  • Cost factors and materials used
  • Size of the wheel and that of the center cap
  • The appearance and intended look of the vehicle