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Wedgwood China and Dinnerware

For over 200 years, Josiah Wedgewood and Sons, or Wedgwood, has produced delicate dinnerware and other pieces. From its beginnings as “Queensware” designed expressly for Queen Charlotte of England, this high-quality fine china developed by Josiah Wedgwood has graced tables and houses around the world. They've produced a variety of collections including redware, white semi-porcelain, and its signature bas-reliefs known as Jasperware.

What is Wedgwood china and dinnerware made from?

The Wedgwood lines encompass several kinds of materials, including:

  • Bone china: Named for the addition of bone ash to its porcelain paste, this material is highly prized for both its delicacy and its strength. To authenticate fine bone china, hold it up to the light: its natural translucency should allow you to see your fingers through the porcelain. Bone china also has a distinctive ring to it.
  • Jasperware: This signature material was first developed in the 18th century as a kind of stoneware, though some classify it as porcelain.
  • Creamware: This earthenware was created around the mid-18th century and features a lead glaze over a cream-colored surface.
  • Ironstone: A type of mass-produced ceramic that is durable and strong enough for daily use.

What kinds of colors and patterns are available?

Over the centuries, Wedgwood has developed many styles of china and dinnerware. Solid colors include white, black, signature Wedgwood blue, greens, reds, lilacs, and more. Some of its better-known, and highly collectible, pattern lines include:

  • Runnymede: This dinnerware features shells and arabesques against a dark blue background, with a medallion of flowers and shells in the center.
  • Kutani Crane: This Japanese-inspired pattern features cranes among peony flowers and bamboo.
  • Nantucket: Cream-colored tableware with a basketweave texture.
  • Oberon: This pattern line comes in a few different variations. While the edges all have bands of olive green and gold, some are more plainly decorated while others have an additional floral pattern.
  • Morning Glory: A pretty pattern of morning glories surrounded by a band of bell flowers.
  • Charnwood: A bold, charming design of flowers and butterflies across the dish surface.

What kinds of Wedgwood items are available?

The majority of Wedgwood patterns are available as dinner services, including plates, cups and saucers, bowls, platters, teapots, and gravy boats, either as individual pieces or as complete sets. Other Wedgwood items include vase collections, covered jars, demitasse cups, coupe cereal bowls, trinket boxes, egg cups, and Christmas ornaments. You can also select from stemware and silverware with ceramic handles.

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