Water Resistant Cases and Covers for LG Cell Phone

Phone cases can help you protect your phone and its screen from general wear and tear as well as the weather. These water resistant cases and covers for LG cell phones are manufactured from a wide range of brands that include LifeProof, Maxboost, Tune Belt, and Spigen. These cases are also compatible with a large number of different LG phone models, from ncluding the LG G6, LG Optimus Plus, LG Stylo 3, LG G4, and LG Tribute..

What are the different types of covers and cases available?
  • Bumper: This is a type of case that serves as an enclosure around the border and edges of an LG phone, which means that the back and screen of the device are left uncovered. These cases are available in a wide array of color options, such as red or yellow.
  • Flip case: This is a type of case that is attached to the back of the LG phone with a flip cover that is placed over the front of the device. This flap can be situated in a way that allows it to act as a kickstand as well.
  • Hybrid case: This is a type of case that comes with a couple of different parts, including a rigid plastic layer as well as a soft silicone layer.
  • Fitted case: This is a thin case that is placed over the back of the phone and attaches to the sides of the device.
  • Wallet case: This is a thick case that is shaped similar to a wallet, allowing the phone to be placed within the inner pouch.
What are the available designs and finishes?

The variety of designs and finishes available with these cases and covers for LG phones include patterned and pictorial designs as well as plain and transparent designs. Some of the available finishes with these cases include glossy, matte, metallic, and jeweled finishes.

What materials are these LG cases made from?
  • Carbon fiber: This is a type of material that is comprised of thin filaments of carbon. It is a hard substance that is used in hybrid cases for LG phones.
  • Aluminum: This is a lightweight metal that comes in a silvery-gray color and is frequently combined with other metals to create an aluminum alloy. This material is used in bumpers and hybrid cases.
  • Rigid plastic: This is a type of plastic that has no elastic deformation, which means that it is rigid. This material is found mainly in hybrid cases, bumpers, and fitted cases.
  • Leather: This is a natural fabric that is taken from the hide of an animal, mainly that of cattle. This material is taken through a tanning process before being used to make cases for LG phones. You can find leather wallet cases and flip cases.
  • Rubber: This is a material that comes from the latex of certain tropical plants and initially has a gel-like texture. It is used specifically for fitted cases.
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