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Warhammer 40K Game Supplies and Merchandise

Warhammer 40k, a tabletop game developed by Games Workshop, involves many battles with a vast amount of 40k world game lore. The game is set in the Milky Way, and races, such as a force of Tyranids, are included that come from other parts of the universe. The figurines included with the game are commonly painted by hand by the owner.

What should you know about the Warhammer 40K game backstory?

The game is set in a universe that has various races. Most of the game is told from the viewpoint of humanity. Humanity has reached beyond the stars and controls a large part of the galaxy. The Warhammer world contains beings from other dimensions, universes, and time-periods.

What races did Games Workshop include in Warhammer 40k?

  • Orks in Warhammer: The Ork culture in 40k is savagely barbaric. It cares only for war. Their battle strategies rely on the overpowering force of numbers.
  • Chaos in Warhammer: Chaos in 40k is a faction that includes various other game races. These factions worship various incarnations of the Ruinous Powers. The four main gods are Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle, and Slaanesh. They empower their servants with abilities that are not found in other races. Their game units are very strong, but they lack cooperation.
  • Necrons in Warhammer: A machine race, originally organic, that is from the distant past. The Necrons have highly developed technology that dwarfs the other races. It is a top-down race and controlled solely by the leaders as the commoners have little thought or will.
  • Humanity in Warhammer: Humanity in 40k had a past golden age, and their technology was unmatched at the time. Now, they are deeply steeped in superstition, and there is little technological progress. Their ruler is the dead, yet alive, Emperor of Mankind. They have many factions to play, like the Space Marines or the Imperial Guard.
  • Tyranids in Warhammer: This is a race that is only concerned with eating and growing. They are like locusts and strip entire worlds bare of all nutrients and life. Games Workshop placed this race in another galaxy. Their strategies rely on vast numbers.
  • Eldar in Warhammer: This race is very advanced yet small. Formerly the most powerful race in Warhammer, they had a golden age and are now a small fraction of their former strength. They are played with a small number of forces, but their units are very strong.
  • Dark Eldar in Warhammer: Games Workshop created this race to be deceitful, evil, and nimble. They delight in carnage, fear, terror, and torture. Their toys are strong compared to most races. However, they are played with few battle units.
  • Tau in Warhammer: They are a relatively new race. They embrace other races, follow a concept called “The Greater Good,” and rarely turn to evil. However, there are shadows beneath the surface that have yet to be revealed. In Warhammer, they are powered by technology and numbers. They are very adaptable and work well together.