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Vampire Costumes

When Halloween is approaching, it is time to pick your Halloween costume. A vampire is a classic choice for a costume. With so many films and tv shows about vampires, this costume is a regular Halloween favorite that is great for all ages.

How do you choose a vampire costume?

Choosing a vampire costume can be fun and easy. First, you need to decide on the look you want to achieve with your costume. You may want to be dark and scary, sexy, or a mixture of both. You will then want to decide on your historical period for your vampire costume. You may want to go for a more traditional costume style from the Gothic Era, you may want a more modern Halloween costume, or you may even want something unique like a steampunk costume style. You may want to blend a vampire costume with another costume, such as a vampire football player. Finally, you will want to consider the costume material. Think about the outdoor weather where you will be wearing your costume and what you will be doing there. You will want to choose a fabric that will keep your warm or cool and will allow you mobility in your vampire costume.

Who can dress in a vampire costume?

A vampire is such a timeless classic that there is a vampire costume for just about everyone. There are many costume options for both males and females, adults and children. Read on to discover age-appropriate ideas for Halloween vampire costumes.

  • Adult male: There are many Halloween costumes for males to go as a vampire, from sexy to scary. The traditional dark look features a long black cape with red interior and fangs. You may want to make your look more Victorian or gothic by adding a white shirt with ruffles and a vest. Other accessories include white face paint, blood paint, and a medallion necklace.
  • Adult female: There are plenty of Halloween costumes for adult females to go as a vampire. The traditional look is a long fitted black dress with high collar and a pair of fangs. You may want to go for a Victorian style Vampire Halloween Costume with a fuller skirt or a steampunk style with a fitted jacket and top hat. There are also shorter skirt options if you are going for a sexier vampire look.
  • Boy: For boys who want to dress as a vampire, most costumes have the traditional look of black cape, white shirt, black pants, vest, and medallion. The look is rounded out with fangs, white face paint, blood around the mouth, and slicked back hair.
  • Girl: For younger girls and teen girls, there are many costumes available. There is the traditional long dress with high collar and trailing sleeves. There are also futuristic versions with hats and fitted jackets. Some teens may want to mix the gothic look into their vampire costume or blend two costumes, like a vampire cheerleader.
  • Baby: Babies are adorable in scary Halloween costumes and vampire Halloween costumes can be a fun choice. For babies, the traditional vampire costume of cape and slicked back hair is perfect. Baby girls may wear an old-fashioned style vampire outfit. Pacifiers shaped as vampire fangs are a fun accent.