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Volatile Shoes for Women

Volatile produces shoes including booties, sandals, clogs, flats, and sneakers. Volatile shoes for women may be made from leather, synthetic materials, canvas, suede, or patent leather.

What styles of Volatile shoes for women are there?

Volatile makes boots, clogs, sandals, flats, and sneakers.

  • There are several low-cut ankle bootie designs made in a range of different suedes and leathers. Two of the available boot styles are combat boots; one has a supply pocket sewn into the side while the other maintains a more classic silhouette.
  • Volatile clogs are a series of four platform slip-ons. They may have either shearling or fur lining inside. Cork and rubber materials are utilized to craft the inner and outer soles.
  • Volatile makes one pair of dress shoes called Candied. They can be found in champagne and bronze. This is a cork wedge slip-on sandal with a platform heel and two bands of leather adorned with tiny rhinestones to keep feet secure.
  • Volatile makes numerous sandal designs in addition to other types of shoes. Most are variations on a flip-flop silhouette. Cork wedges can be found in various heights, cushioned footbeds, and a variety of leathers and suedes.
  • Volatile crafts five different kinds of sneakers; four of them are lace-up, platform styles. The fifth is a flat, zip-up design with decorative cutouts adorning the upper. Platform designs use dual color lacing, graphic designs on uppers, and contrasting edging to embellish different designs.
What materials are used to craft Volatile products?

Volatile uses different types of leather, suede, metallic accents, cork, and cotton laces to create its shoes. Different materials are used depending on shoe design. Rubber or cork is typically used in outer soles, while leathers, suedes, and metals are used in shoe uppers.

What are some trademark features of Volatile women's shoes?

Many Volatile women's options have signature stacked soles reminiscent of the seventies. From sandals to booties, different genres of shoe all include a stacked base. Some include a heel, others offer simple embellishments. Contrasting details in different colors or metallic materials help to distinguish Volatile’s brand.

How do you care for Volatile shoes?

Smooth leather can be cleaned by wiping it down with a damp, soft cloth to remove stains, spills, and dirt. Cork can usually be wiped down in a similar fashion. Textured leather should be dry brushed first to remove any stains or spills that are easily removed. Be sure to check the specific care instructions on the shoes to avoid damaging or distorting material.

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