Universal Bracketron Car GPS Holder and Mount

View GPS on the go with Bracketron Universal GPS Holders and Mounts

Whether you are on a long road trip or just visiting a new restaurant in your city, being able to view your GPS is an essential part of following directions. A GPS mount will hold your device at a convenient level, so you can see instructions without having to take your eyes off the road. The universal Bracketron car GPS holder and mount will easily adjust to hold different types of tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

How is the GPS mount placed in your car?

The mounting method will depend on where your Bracketron device is meant to be displayed. Window mounts have a circular suction cup base that will stick to the window or windshield of your car. This style has an angled arm to display your device from an angled surface like a windshield. Dashboard holders have a large suction cup that lets them grip onto the dashboard, where they can then hold your smartphone or GPS device upright. Cup holder designs have a circular base that slots into any standard cup holder for a car. From the base of the car mount, a tall arm extends to display your GPS.

Do the Bracketron mounts permanently attach to your phone?

It depends on which Bracketron GPS holder you select. Many options have a claw-like grip that will hold your phone firmly without requiring you to alter your phone. However, if you prefer to take your phone on and off the mount quickly, then you can use a Bracketron magnetic holder. These will require you to place a metal plate on the back of your phone, so you can attach and remove it from the magnetic mount quickly instead of using clasps.

Will Bracketron mounts hold different sizes of GPS devices?

These universal devices have adjustable mount sizes to fit a variety of Garmin, Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, and HTC devices. The smaller options can change size to fit items between 1.5 inches in size to 4.5 inches wide while the larger options can expand to hold larger tablets that are up to 10 inches wide. For unusually shaped devices, you can select a magnetic universal holder that can hold all shapes and weights of GPS items.

What types of Bracketron mount viewing modes are available?

Most Bracketron universal devices have a rotating design, so you can display your GPS in these modes:

  • Landscape - This mode is where the smartphone or tablet is turned vertically to look wider than it is long.
  • Portrait: In this mode, the GPS car mount is turned horizontally to look taller than it is long when held by the mount.

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