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Take Amazing Underwater Photographs While Keeping Fragile Electronics Safe With Underwater Housing for Cameras

If you are into diving, you are aware of the amazing sights to be found underwater. Even shallow shots of amazing fish with sunlight sifting beneath the surface are impressive. Deeper still, underwater housing for cameras and video housings make photography and video possible in further explorations.

What types of underwater housing for cameras are available?

The most basic, simple, and inexpensive underwater housings are bag style. The most expensive, which can cost thousands of dollars, are of solid aluminum blocks machined into elaborate and incredibly strong housings. You can find an assortment that runs the range in between the two extremes on eBay.

What are available features of underwater housing for cameras?
  • Material used: Underwater housings are largely made of either polycarbonate, aluminum, or a combination of the two. Aluminum has the boast of being the most durable, but it also comes at the cost of being more expensive.
  • Access to functions: In general, most underwater housings offer controls for the most important of buttons. However, one photographer's preferences are not necessarily the same as another's. Keep your prime buttons in mind when considering an underwater housing.
  • Depth rating: A technical or deep diver will especially wish to keep an eye on this feature, which tells just how deep the seals will still hold when photographing in the depths.
  • Fiber optic connection support: A newer preference for DSLR underwater housings is to use a fiber optic connection for using underwater strobes. Check to see if your potential housing supports this if this connection type is important to you.
What are some top names in underwater housing for cameras?
  • Gates housings: These products have reliable and simple stainless steel controls on housings that are machined from solid blocks of aluminum, designed and manufactured in San Diego, California.
  • Ikelite underwater housing: Ikelite has more than 50 years of experience in making underwater housings, lightings, and accessories for photography, with products made and designed in the United States.
  • Nikon underwater housing: Both point-and-shoot and more elaborate DSLR digital cameras can find housings that are fully featured and rated to depths of 200 feet.
  • Sony underwater housing: Find expanded options with waterproof underwater camera housing for Sony cameras with accessory shoes to attach a flash.
  • Underwater housing for Canon: Mirrorless, point-and-shoot, and DSLR cameras of Canon manufacture feature all the bells and whistles and are found at varying depths. Try the Canon 6d underwater housings found on eBay.
  • Underwater video housing for Panasonic: Underwater video camera housings for Panasonic models offer spare threaded accessory ports and vacuum valves.

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