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Toshiba Laptops and Netbooks

All About Toshiba Laptops and Netbooks

Whether you are a student, in the workforce, or just someone who likes to browse the internet or stream TV in the evenings, laptops can add convenience and flexibility to your everyday life. Toshiba has a worldwide presence in the technology industry and offers laptops and notebooks to suit many needs and functions. Many new, used, and preowned models of Toshiba laptop can be found on eBay.

What are some different types of Toshiba portable computers?

  • Netbooks: These models, like the Toshiba Mini NB505-N500BL, are smaller than standard laptops, focusing on portability and streamlined functions. These generally have a screen size of smaller than 13 inches, and they are thinner and typically less expensive than other models. Because of their small size, these devices may not include bulky extra features like CD drives or Ethernet plugs.
  • Notebooks and tablets: Notebook computers can be very similar to laptop models. However, they are usually lighter and have smaller dimensions, like the Toshiba Encore 2 W10-A, and are designed to be used on the go more often. Tablets may have detachable keyboards and be able to run fully by touch screen. They can perform the majority of tasks that a desktop can, just using fewer drives or external devices. Its important to check the specs as a high-end notebook may have a larger screen or more processing power while a simpler laptop may have fewer extra features.
  • Laptops: Many laptop models, like the Toshiba Satellite Pro L500, can be comparable to or even replace a full-size desktop setup for ordinary computing tasks. If you only have a small desk or table at home for your computer, a laptop may help you save space. Many larger laptops will have more device ports, an optical CD/DVD drive, and more processing power, allowing them to perform more tasks at once.

What laptop specifications should you consider?

  • Storage: Toshiba offers two different types of hard drives: solid state and hard disk. Solid-state hard drives offer faster speeds but may have less storage capacity. Hard disk drives are only slightly slower but can support greater storage, allowing you to store more data and use larger programs on your device.
  • Memory: Memory determines how fast processes are completed. One gigabyte is sufficient for word processing and reading email, but having four or more gigabytes of RAM offers more speed and works better for a variety of online tasks, including streaming.
  • Display: Toshibas product displays can range from 11 inches to 18 inches. The larger the screen, the higher the resolution you can get. However, it also comes with added bulk and weight. The size of a laptop also affects the keyboard, so keys on larger laptops may be larger, spread out in a more ergonomic function, or include additional sections like numeric keypads.

What is a refurbished Toshiba laptop?

Some computers may be refurbished units. A refurbished Toshiba laptop is one that has been returned to the retailer or manufacturer by a customer. The company then repairs or replaces defective components, and the Toshiba unit is checked for performance. A refurbished laptop is tested for full functionality. You can often get refurbished models at a discounted price, but be sure that the internal hardware specs still fit your data processing requirements.

What is a Toshiba Satellite?

The Toshiba Satellite product line was one of Toshibas earliest manufactured models, and it became popular in the early 1990s. It is one of the most common Toshiba laptop models available for purchase. The Toshiba Satellite laptops continued to be manufactured until they were discontinued in 2016 as Toshiba decided to produce more business-oriented devices. These units varied largely in size and functionality. Some of these Toshiba products were smaller and came with consumer-friendly specifications at a lower price point while other models offered more cutting-edge hardware and technology.

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