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How to Choose Paisley Duvet Covers and Bedding Sets

Paisley refers to a particular type of ornamental print, recognizable for its use of a Persian teardrop shaped motif. Paisley is also a popular print for bedding items like duvet sets, shams, pillow cases, and blankets. There are a variety of duvet covers, comforters and bedding sets sold by eBay vendors.

What are Some of the Different Paisley Duvet Covers and Sets Available?

Here are some examples of types of paisley duvet covers, coverlets and sheet sets sold by eBay vendors:

  • Ornate or Minimalist: When people think of patterned pillowcases, comforter sets and shams, they often don't think of minimalist design. But there are actually both ornate and minimalist paisley bedding sets available. For example, the Tommy Hilfiger Mission Paisley Duvet Set and the Tommy Hilfiger Mod Paisley Coral and Grey Duvet Set both feature washed out colors.
  • Size of Print: For those who don't feel confident in styling a bold patterned bedding set with the rest of their room's decor, there are small earth-toned prints available from eBay vendors. These allow buyers to add a decorative duvet to a room, without overwhelming the overall decorating scheme.
  • Fabric Options: Some common duvet set fabric options include: polyester, cotton, linen and bamboo.

What are Some Tips for Selecting Duvet Covers?

These are some hints for how to select bedding items:

  • Duvet Covers: When selecting a duvet cover, consider thread count as this can influence the softness of the cover. Do a little research on thread counts beforehand, though, to avoid purchasing the wrong count for your needs. See manufacturer site for size and measurement details.
  • Comforter Sets Available: Buying a comforter set is a good way to acquire multiple bedding products at once that are are matching.

What are Some Tips for Incorporating Pattern into a Room's Decorating Scheme?

There are many different ways to incorporate pattern into any room. But, here are some simple tips that can assist with tying a room's look together, regardless of your particular color or design aesthetic preferences:

  • French Country Chic: A paisley duvet in French Country Chic-friendly colors like duck egg blue, white, cream or buttermilk is an unexpected way to incorporate paisley into a guest room's interior design.
  • Paisley Art: An interesting way to reference a decorative print is to use a complementary print as artwork.
  • Soft Furnishings and Accessories: Damask or Ikat soft furnishings and decor items (like decorative pillows) are a fun way of accessorizing and adding cohesion to a master suite's decorating scheme. Update and alter accessories when you wish to add a fresh styling touch to a room.

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