Learn More About Time Trial and Triathlon Bikes

Whether you?re doing a time trial or training for a triathlon, a great bike can get you the most from the experience. The correct aerodynamic bike can help you train comfortably and ride hard to the finish line. On eBay, you can browse through various styles of new and used triathlon bikes and time trial bikes designed to fit your size, experience, and riding style.

How do time trial bikes differ from triathlon bikes?

These two bikes, although similar, often have differences that can affect the rider's performance in either event. Many are designed specifically for their purpose, which are described below:

  • Time trial models: Since speed is your main goal during a time trial, these bikes are designed to help you ride as fast as possible for a short time. The seat tube angle is usually designed to meet the International Cycling Union rules, which means that the saddle end sits 5 centimeters from the middle of the bottom bracket on the cycle. These bikes usually have aero bars, which allow you to lean over and reduce drag as you ride. They often have higher gears than a road bike, which allows you to ride at high speeds.
  • Triathlon models: These bikes are also designed for speed and aerodynamics, which means that they are often lightweight and streamlined. They are also designed to promote a more relaxed riding position. In addition, these bikes don?t need to meet ICU rules, so the seat tube angle varies by brand. Some models come with aero bars but not always. Triathletes often ride in packs, and these bars can make the bike difficult to control in a group.
What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber is a lightweight, strong polymer that helps reduce weight from your TT or tri bike, which means that you can ride faster. Usually, carbon fiber is an upgrade from a heavier aluminum frame.

How do you choose a triathlon or time trial bike?

It?s important to pick a bike that meets your racing needs. These steps can help you find the right fit.

  • Choose a race type: Decide whether you?re going to use the bike for time trials or to further your triathlete ambitions.
  • Check the race regulations: Check to see if your upcoming races have any rules about bike size, design, or shape, and choose bikes that fit those specifications.
  • Select a size: Pick a bike that?s right for your height, weight, riding style, and experience level.
  • Decide on a package: Determine whether you want the frame alone or if you need a full package with handlebars, seats, and wheels.
  • Look at special features: Look for tri and time trial bikes that come with TT aero bars, adjustable seats, bike stands, and more.