Thin Blue Line Decals

Whether you want to honor fallen police officers, or just show your support for the men and women in uniform, these thin blue line decals were made to show your gratitude. Like many support decals, the thin blue line decal can be used on the bumper of a car, pinned or sewn on your favorite jacket, or printed onto shirts.

What does a thin blue line decal represent?

This decal is usually represented on a black and white American flag with a central blue stripe across the middle. The blue portion of the decal represents police officials and the physical or mental strength they use in their jobs daily. The black lines that surround the blue line in the decal are designed to remind us of the brave officers who have died in the line of duty. Together, the symbols on the thin blue line decal show the challenges and bond all law enforcement officers share.

How do you apply a thin blue line decal?

Patches or badge varieties of the thin blue line can be directly sewn or pinned to any clothing of choice. To get a good stitch on the patch, you may follow the outside brim in a straight line, all the way across the piece until it is secure. The bumper sticker or decal variant of the thin blue line may be applied to the glass or bumpers of a car. To apply the thin blue line decal on a car:

  • Wipe the area where you want to place the decal with rubbing alcohol.
  • Line the sticker up to where you want it. Avoid areas that may block your sight.
  • Firmly rub a paint scraper or flat object across the back to remove air bubbles, and allow the sticker to adhere to the surface better.
  • After you have pressed the decal, remove the back paper and wait for 24 hours.
  • Once you have waited one day, go ahead and remove the last bits of transfer paper.
How do you remove a decal or sticker from glass?

To remove the decal or sticker from glass windows you should:

  • Heat the decal with a hair dryer for about two minutes in sections.
  • Gently attempt to loosen the edge with a razor blade. If this does not work, soak the decal with vinegar for three minutes.
  • Slowly work up each side of the sticker with the razor blade until it is removed completely.
  • Clean the area with glass cleaner or water.