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The North Face Shoes for Men

Whether you enjoy hiking, running, mountain climbing, or walking, shoes can keep your feet comfortable throughout the journey. The North Face shoes for men are available in many different sizes and styles, the former of which include sizes that range from 5 to 14. These shoes also come with a variety of width options that you can select, including extra narrow, narrow, medium, and wide.

What does GORE-TEX mean in shoes from The North Face?

GORE-TEX refers to a micro-porous membrane that is bonded between the lining and outer fabric of the shoe. The process creates a laminate that is situated between the interior and exterior of the shoe. It is a lightweight portion of the shoe that is one of five layers in the sole of the shoe. The GORE-TEX label is commonly found on trail-running shoes, hiking shoes, and mountaineering boots from The North Face.

What are the different colors and patterns of these shoes?

These shoes by The North Face are available in a wide array of color options, the most prominent of which include gray and brown. Some of the additional color options at your disposal include ivory, blue, green, beige, red, and white. A selection of these shoes comes in multiple colors with combinations like blue and orange and red and gray. The different patterns that you can select include solid, striped, and camouflage patterns.

Which materials and fabrics are these shoes made from?
  • Canvas: This is a coarse cloth that can be made from cotton, flax, or hemp. This material is used as the primary material in some of the sneakers and loafers made by The North Face.
  • Leather: This is a natural material that is made from the hides of cattle and other animals. The material is taken through a tanning process. There are a variety of types of leather from bonded leather and split leather to top-grain leather. This material is mainly used for hiking boots by The North Face.
  • Nylon: This is lightweight and elastic material that can be made into molded objects, filaments, or sheets depending on the temperature at which it is melted. After being made into textile fibers, it is used to create some of The North Face sneakers.
  • Rubber: This is a type of elastic polymeric substance that is taken from the latex of a variety of tropical plants although this substance can also be made through synthetic means. It is produced from the Hevea tree and is used in the creation of the soles for most of the shoes by The North Face.
  • Suede: This is a type of leather that is primarily made from the hides of lambs as well as goats and deer. It comes with a napped finish on one side of the material due to a rubbing method that creates this specific nap.
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