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Teva Shoes for Women

Teva makes a variety of shoes for women using a range of materials in shoe construction. They began by making different kinds of sandals before branching out. The shoe line began at the Grand Canyon in 1984 when a river guide fastened two Velcro watchbands to a pair of flip flops to create a new look in foot ware.

What silhouettes of Tevas are available for women?

Teva makes several different designs of women’s shoes. They include:

  • Boots - Teva boots are available in a variety of different ankle, mid, and tall heights to hit different parts of the shin and leg. Leather finishes in a variety of colors combine with accents like lacing, grommets, and metallic buckles to create different designs. Some utilize knit fabrics and elastic with grooved soles.
  • Shoes - These come in a wide variety of different silhouettes. Some have lace-up closures while others are slip-on designs. A variety of materials comprise different shoe models. Some shoes are sneaker-like in silhouette while others are more like loafers.
  • Originals - This style includes different varieties of sandals with material over the toes and some with ankle pieces. Materials vary from woven fabrics to glitter embellishments and velvet. Colors are diverse and include both neutrals and bold hues.
  • Sandals - These are available in flip-flop, ankle piece, and other designs. Some flip-flop designs have two thick pieces of material over the front of the foot while others have a woven pattern of thinner strips. Ankle piece sandals are made from all different colors, patterns, and materials. Each pair features a traditional Teva black insole and outer sole. Inner soles have foam padding.
  • Flatforms - These are ankle piece sandals with chunky platform soles. Design and function come together as Teva combines its signature cushioned sole with a new level of height. The ankle pieces are attached to pieces that go around each side of the foot with plastic grommets. The fronts of some flatforms are a thong silhouette while others include a single piece of material over the entire top of the foot.
  • Slides - Heel heights for this style range from flat designs to wedges. Wedges feature contoured soles, leather material, and stacked heels. Other slide models mirror an ankle piece silhouette without the back strap included.
What materials are used to make Teva women’s shoes?

Teva uses several different materials, including leathers, foam, plastic compounds, velvet, glitter, and metallic accents. Specific materials depend on a particular shoe model.

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