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Nissan Titan Tailgates and Liftgates

Nissan Titans are tough trucks with a lot of cargo space. To access that space, you will need a gate that works properly. You can replace a damaged Titan tailgate when necessary, and you can also upgrade it with a liftgate that has more capabilities.

How do you install a replacement tailgate on a Nissan?
  1. Open up your vehicles gate.
  2. Remove the support straps that are located on either side of the Titan gate. To do so, use a socket wrench to remove the bolts that hold them to the frame of your truck. While you unlatch the cables, you may have to lift up slightly on the gate to create some slack.
  3. Disconnect any electrical wires that may be connected to the gate.
  4. Pull up on the tail gate on one side to disengage it from the latch.
  5. Pull up on the other side to remove it from the other latch.
  6. Follow these steps in reverse order to mount your new gate onto your Nissan vehicle.
What do you do if you want to use the same lock?

If you want to be able to use the same key on your new Nissan tail gate, you will have to remove the locking mechanism from the old handle.

  1. On the interior side of your gate, you will see three screws holding a panel in place. This will be directly opposite the handle. Remove those screws.
  2. Once the panel is off, use a socket wrench to remove the bolts that are attached to the handle.
  3. One of those bolts will have released the locking mechanism. Secure it to your new handle.
What types of gates are available for a Titan?

You can find a factory replacement that can match your Nissan Titan by searching for products that will fit your pickups year. These aftermarket parts will be designed to match the overall appearance of your Nissan truck, and you can find one in the paint color you need. You can also choose to go with a different style. Many trucks have gates that are slightly different from the rest of their exterior. If you have an XD, SV, or PRO-4X, you might want a heavy-duty part to match the hauling capacity of your vehicle. Some parts to consider are listed here:

  • The Original Tommy Gate: This is a lift gate that can be lowered to help you load in and out of your Nissan pickup bed. It uses a single-cylinder hydraulic system and a parallel-arm lift. For added strength, it comes with military aircraft-quality lifting cables.
  • Tommy Gate G2 Series: While the original could hold 500 or 1000 pounds (depending on the specific model), the G2 lift gate can either hold 1300 or 1500 pounds. It uses a dual-cylinder hydraulic system that is fully enclosed. The platforms are large and wide and coated with a skid-resistant material. For your Nissan Titan, you can choose from different models in this line, which include platforms with loading depths ranging from 27 inches to 48 inches.