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Nissan Pathfinder Tailgates and Liftgates

Nissan Pathfinder liftgates are made in a hatchback style. Materials like plastic, metal, and glass are some of its components. Cleaning your tailgate regularly helps to keep you safe in the Pathfinder by improving potential visibility.

What styles of tailgates are available?

The Nissan Pathfinder features a hatchback design. This means that the tailgate moves upward to open and downward to close. The trunk space reveals an entire cargo area and makes it possible to see over the back seat straight up to the front of the vehicle.

What materials are tailgates made from?

Nissan Pathfinder tailgates are typically made from a combination of metal, plastic, and auto glass. The glass makes up the rear window that allows the driver and passengers to see behind the car. This is a safety feature, bolstered by the rear view mirror mounted at the front of the cab. Plastics and metals are treated with temperature and coatings to make them especially strong and effective protection against the outside elements.

What types of hardware are involved in securing a tailgate?

Lift supports, brackets, handles, and locks are involved in securing a Nissan Pathfinder tailgate.

  • Lift supports are long, cylindrical bars that fold into themselves and extend as needed. When the Nissan’s hatchback tailgate opens, the supports extend and hold the weight of the liftgate so that it does not bear down on the individual opening it. This makes loading and unloading cargo easier.
  • Brackets help to attach the liftgate to the rest of the vehicle. These brackets are secured with nuts, bolts, and screws for a secure, stable fit. This means that drivers and passengers can rest assured that supplies will remain safely in the back of a Pathfinder over the course of a long drive.
  • Handles are attached to the outside of the tailgate for easy access. Typically you press or squeeze the handle in order to release the tailgate. It then swings upward to reveal the entire storage space.
  • Locks help to secure the liftgate when it is not being used in the closed position. In many Pathfinder models, the hatch locks automatically when the car is in motion. The key must be activated or fob utilized to open the trunk upon arrival at a destination in order to guarantee the safety of supplies in the trunk space.
How do you clean a tailgate?

Typically Nissan tailgates are cleaned as part of a regular car wash, but if you encounter more debris than necessary, you may desire to wash your tailgate separately. Mix warm water and soap together to form a mixture. Use a soft cloth or sponge to apply the cleaning mixture to the back of the vehicle until all of the debris is gone. Rinse the Pathfinder with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth.