Luces traseras para Lexus RX330

Tail Lights for Lexus RX330

The Lexus RX330 is a beautiful midsize luxury SUV that balances an aggressive exterior with a fully featured interior. One essential component of the Lexus is its set of taillights, perched on the rear of the car designed in classic Lexus style. At some point you may need to replace these taillights.

What kinds of taillights are available for the Lexus RX330?

The original taillights that came in the Lexus RX 330 were halogen taillights. However, more recent Lexus models have started using LED taillights. You can use any of the taillight types mentioned below based on your personal preference for your vehicle. The different types of bulbs are described below:

  • Halogen taillights: A common taillight option in cars is the halogen light. This uses a tungsten filament that is heated up by electricity passing through. The heated filament then heats halogen gas within the bulb, creating full-spectrum light that is then filtered by a smoked glass cover.
  • LED taillights: A quickly growing segment of taillights for the Lexus is the LED taillight. These taillights are long lasting, coming with an expected lifespan of at least 12 years. They work via a small bundle of tiny electrodes where each electrode produces either full-spectrum or just red frequencies. The bundle’s light then is amplified in the assembly of the rear light.
  • HID taillights: A rarer choice for your cars taillights, but more common in luxury car headlights, is the high-intensity discharge light. These lights use xenon gas and electrodes as the gas and heating power elements, respectively. HID lights are considered lifetime lights as they can last up to 100,000 miles in most vehicles.
  • Fiber optic taillights: A variation of the LED taillight is the fiber optic light. Here, multiple strings of attached LEDs are strung together to make clear, interesting patterns within the taillight. Though they do not provide more power than regular LEDs in the Lexus RX 330, sometimes they do have more interesting designs.
How do you get taillights compatible with the Lexus RX330?

Finding the right taillight for your Lexus RX 330 is easy if you keep a few pieces of information in mind. First, you’ll want to know the exact year and trim of your Lexus RX330. This will give you a benchmark to match factory parts with. Second, you’ll want to check in your light’s assembly system to find the type of socket used. Certain types of socket, like the SRCK, are only compatible with SRCK LED bulbs and will burn out other bulbs. Understanding the bulb and socket types will let you purchase the correct taillight for your vehicles light system.