Luces traseras para Lexus GX470

Tail Lights for Lexus GX 470

The Lexus GX 470, a luxury mid-size SUV, was in production from 2002 to 2009 and featured an automatic transmission as well as four-wheel drive. It comes with two rows of seating with the option for a folding third row, allowing for both cargo and passenger room. Tail lights for the Lexus GX are necessary to safely operate equipment for legal street use and for off-road use, and they are a significant style element.

How do you find the right bulb size?

You can find the bulb size you need for your Lexus tail lights in two ways. You can check the owners manual, or you can remove the bulb that you would like to replace, and find the sizing information there. It will be printed on either the glass or, if applicable, the metal housing of the bulb.

What are black tail lights?

These kinds of tail lights refer to the color of the lens cover and the back bezel. The lens cover is smoke, and the back bezel is black or also smoke, creating tail lights that appear dark when not in use. The lighting elements, however, follow safe-operating regulations for road use. When the tail lights are in use, the illumination is not affected by the dark back bezel and shine sufficiently through the smoke cover lens.

What are Lexus OEM tail lights?

OEM tail lights are the tail lights that were installed originally on the Lexus GX at the factory. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. Some tail lights are OEM, and some are made to OEM specifications by aftermarket providers. OEM-specified, also known as factory tail lights, may be easier to find depending on the year of your vehicle, and they are designed to operate just like the original tail lights. These should install without any modifications needed to any part of your Lexus.

Are there benefits to using halogen bulbs?
  • Halogen bulbs are the standard for several vehicles, which means that they are abundant in several different sizes. Finding the size you need will be an easy process.
  • Halogen bulbs are available in different styles and colors. Halogens create illumination in the warm yellow spectrum, but manufacturers also make them with coatings to change the light output to cool white. Cool white light provides brighter illumination, and both options are safe for road use.
  • If halogen bulbs are the stock option on your particular Lexus model year, then installing replacement halogens is as easy as removing the old one and putting the new one into the existing socket.
What are the benefits of using LEDs?
  • LEDs put out bright white illumination, which results in high visibility and clarity.
  • Turn-up time for LED bulbs is instant, which means lights go to full brightness immediately upon being turned on. This results in lights and signals that quickly grab the attention of other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Energy needs for LED bulbs are low. Your Lexus alternator and battery will benefit from the minimal amount of wear.
  • LED bulbs have enough longevity to likely last for the lifetime of your Lexus GX 470. They can burn for tens of thousands of hours continually without burning out.