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Acura TL Taillights

The Acura TL fits the description of the comfortable luxury auto line that Honda has produced since 1995. Since the TL vehicle has been sold for such an extended time, taillights remain available for replacement or upgrading when your car needs it. You need Acura TL back lights replaced when the rear of your vehicle calls for better visibility and safety, so here is the first step in maintaining your Acura so that it is in tiptop condition.

What is your initial decision regarding a rear light?

Due to the curve of the lens and lens frame, the right and left light assemblies differ. To make sure that the new part fits, check to see what side needs work and proceed from there to do your research. Remember to take a photo if you are unsure once you begin to order.

Will you need to replace the Acura TL light assembly?

The Acura TL proved well-reviewed with many models still on the road, so complete assemblies are available. If you wish to replace only the necessary component, however, check to see if only a single part will work. For instance, a lens frame is fairly simple to replace if you keep all of the original screws, nuts, and bolts for the job.

How can you customize the look of your Acura TL?

Taillights come in varying colors and have different types of bulbs. Red remains the standard for bright visibility, but you may choose amber or clear to remain within acceptability. You widen your range for personal taste if you choose a smoke or tinted effect. Bulbs include the halogen, LED, or incandescent type, each with varying advantages. LED produces the most amount of illumination with the least heat.

What sort of a light assembly replacement can you find?

Genuine OEM Acura parts refer to lights that Acura produces, which means they have been milled to exact specifications. After market parts that are PACA certified are comparable to OEM, and their certification means that they operate as well as OEM when installed properly.

Will you need to check the model year?

In 2001, for the 2002 model year of Acura TL, the manufacturer redesigned the rear light component. In order to properly order replacement parts, double check the year of production of your car and you will be on point for ordering the correct TL part for replacement or upgrading.