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Acura RDX Taillights

Taillights are an important component of your Acura RDX. There are many OEM and aftermarket versions available if you wish to upgrade the look of your Acura.

How do you replace Acura RDX taillights?

What follows is a general outline of how to replace the taillights on your Acura RDX. The process can vary between individual models, but it usually goes as follows:

  • Remove two screws from each housing.
  • Inside the housing, remove an additional four screws.
  • Pop the old light out and replace it with your new part.
  • Replace all screws.
How can you test your taillight?

Functioning taillights are crucial to preventing accidents. To avoid a fix-it ticket or an accident, make sure to check your taillights periodically. Also check to see if there is visible cracks or water in your housing. Here are a few additional tips:

  • Check the lights every time you fuel up. Walk around to the back of your car while pumping and check for any cracks. Cracks are not usually a problem immediately, but can continue to spread out over time.
  • Check the brightness and function of your taillights at least once a week. Once it gets dark, turn your lights on to ensure that both of them are bright.
  • Have the pros check. If you get your oil changed at a service station, it is highly likely that they are checking them for you. Most of them do a multi-point inspection. If you arent sure if they are checking them for you, just ask.
Will newer Acura RDX taillights fit on older models?

Some Acura RDX vehicles have interchangeable taillights. There are several different models and colors to choose from. Check with your dealer to find out if your car is one of those models. If your Acura RDX does not fall into this category, make sure you double-check that the parts you order match your RDX.

Are brake lights and taillights interchangeable?

Some people use these terms interchangeably. When you hit your brakes, all of your rear lights will brighten. But that doesnt mean they are the same part. Taillights turn on when your headlights turn on. They are a dim red in color and show other vehicles where your car is when it is dark. Brake lights are a brighter red, and there is sometimes an additional one in the center. This basically serves as a stop sign to vehicles behind you to signal that you are slowing down, in preparation to turn or stop. Having functioning rear lights is important for avoiding accidents.