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Create Authentic Indian Sound With Tablas

If you want to produce the authentic percussive sounds of ancient India, the tablas in this collection might be right for you. The drums come in various materials with different accessories. eBay makes it easy to find the drums that you need, and there are plenty of affordable options to choose from.

What compositions are these drums used for?

These drums are generally used to play traditional Indian music, but they can be played in other genres of music, too. In some cases, these unique drums are played on their own, but they might be played with the accompaniment of other Indian instruments, such as the sitar. These drums create a unique sound that blends in perfectly with other types of drums and cymbals in percussive arrangements.

The sound a tabla makes is affected by its material

A variety of materials are used to make these drums, such as:

  • Metal: Some of these drums have bodies that are made from metals, like stainless steel. These drums produce sounds that are markedly different from the wooden versions.
  • Wood: Tablas are traditionally made from wood, and many of the drums in this collection follow this ancient practice.
  • Hide: The tops of these drums are usually made from animal hide, and they also feature hide lacing that keeps the top connected to the body of the drum.
What are some examples of tabla accessories?
  • Cases: Cases for these types of drums are usually soft, and they often have handles and zippered compartments to make transporting the drums and their accessories convenient.
  • Hammers: Special hammers are used to strike tablas. These hammers are usually made from steel, and they can also be used for tuning purposes. You can also use your hands to strike these drums.
  • Covers: The tops of tablas are composed of relatively delicate hide, and this hide can crack and break if it is left exposed to the sun. To compensate for these environmental effects, there are a variety of different types of covers that you can place on top of your drum. Most of these covers are made from fabric, and they may have ornaments, such as lace.
  • Cushions: Tablas are traditionally rested on cushions when they aren't in use. These cushions are shaped like rings, and they are generally stuffed with a soft material. These cushions keep the drums from falling over.
  • Tuning blocks: These types of blocks create specific tones when they are struck with mallets, which can help both novice and expert tabla players find the exact note they're looking for when they strike their drums.
A short guide to selecting a drum

Since all tablas are designed to produce essentially the same sounds, as you select the drum that's perfect for you, you'll need to consider the various aesthetic and material differences between the different models. Steel tablas, for instance, sound different from wooden drums, and you might want to select a drum that is decorated with complex designs. You'll also need to determine whether you want any accessories, such as cases or tuning blocks, which are also available for reasonable prices on eBay.