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Suspension and Steering Parts for Ford F-150

The steering and suspension parts of the Ford F-150 are integral to the mechanical systems that control direction and ensure that the ride is comfortable. Many of these parts are worn out from stress and corrosion over time, and they can often be upgraded with aftermarket parts. Whatever the case may be, theres a good chance you can find the right steering or suspension parts that fit your needs.

How does automotive steering work?

This Ford truck uses a rack and pinion steering system. What this means is that a toothed rack is moved left and right by a pinion gear, which is turned by the steering column. The steering column is turned by the steering wheel with assistance from the power steering system. The rack is attached to the front wheels and turns both left and right as its moved.

What is a lift kit?

A lift kit is a kit of parts used to modify the Ford F-150s OEM suspension system. As the name suggests, lift kits increase a trucks ground clearance. This makes it possible to drive on rougher off-road terrain, and many kits come with high performance parts that improve the overall suspension of your truck. There are also leveling kits and drop kits that level or lower the clearance of the suspension system.

What steering parts are available?

This system includes a variety of parts that may need to be replaced. Below are some of the common components.

  • Lower steering shafts: the lower shaft connects the steering column to the pinion gear box.
  • Front steering kits: these kits are used to replace aging parts on both front tires.
  • Power steering pumps and lines: these pumps create the hydraulic pressure that the power steering system uses to assist you when you turn a vehicles wheels. Power steering fluid lines may need replacement when they leak.
What suspension parts are available?

There are numerous suspension parts that may need to be replaced from time to time as a vehicle ages. Below are some of the parts that are commonly found on the consumer market.

  • Front and rear shocks: these parts cushion the impact when the tires hit bumps and potholes on the road. Note that rear shocks are often different than the parts used for the front shocks.
  • Sway bars: these parts counteract the sway that happens when taking sharp turns.
  • Upper control arms and ball joints: these stabilize the tires and also control the movement of the front tires when steered.
  • Control arm, Pitman arm, and tie rod kits: these kits are helpful for restoring an aging suspension system with new components. They typically include bushings and other hardware thats needed.
  • Struts: these are bars that connect the suspension system to the chassis and provide structural support.