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Superga Shoes for Women: Elevating Your Style

Superga Shoes

Superga shoe company was formed in 1911 by Walter Martiny, and it modernized its product line with technical sport shoes and rubber rain boots. Since then, the Superga shoe company has seen a growing range of colors and styles. The company has collaborated with top names to bring you fresh designs. These shoes are flexible and comfortable, making them suitable for numerous activities.

What styles do Superga shoes for women offer?

These shoes come in various styles with distinctive features.

  • Lifestyle trainers for women: These feature a soft suede material for a modern look and have a vulcanized rubber gum sole with a textured grip tread. The shoes are embossed with metal eyelets for easy lace slides. Lifestyle trainers for women have Superga branding on the shoes' side and offer a low profile design with a lace-up closure.
  • Low-top sneakers for women: These shoes have a canvas and cotton material. They have Superga branding on the shoes' sides and are fitted with metallic eyelets for a smooth lace slide. The sneakers also have a low-top shoe shaft style and a rubber outsole with different treads for traction.
  • Platform fashion sneakers: These are contemporary wardrobe staples. Platform fashion sneakers come in different colors, such as gray, blue, white, and black. They have a low-top shoe shaft style with a lace-up silhouette closure system. Also, a removable padded insole is fitted in the shoes, and the sneakers have a vulcanized flatform midsole. Moreover, a rubber outsole is provided for traction and durability.
Superga Shoes
  • Flat sneakers for women: Flat sneakers have a slip-on closure and a low-top shoe shaft style. These shoes have a padded insole for support. They have a zero-drop height on the heel and a flat rubber outsole with tread for traction. These shoes are suitable for walking, and they come in various colors. Also, the Flat sneakers for women offer a balance between the toes and the heel for easy movement.
  • Casual sneakers: These shoes have a lace-up closure with silver-tone rivets. They feature a Superga logo tag on the side and are made of Torino cotton canvas material, with the upper part attached with a vulcanized rubber gum sole. Also, the sneakers have a low-cut ankle for more movement.

What factors make the Superga shoes for women desirable?

As some of the Superga shoes are used for running, a lightweight and more breathable material like the canvas is used. This brand has been offering designer collaborations, heritage styles, and contemporary designs to fit the modern style. Their lace-up closure type has metal eyelets for an adjustable fit—the outsole aids in durability and traction. Also, the shoes feature a cushioned footbed to provide sustained comfort for all-day wear.

Superga Shoes

Are Superga shoes for women comfortable?

Superga shoes feature a round toe slip-on. This prevents pressure around the toes' medial aspect, and there is a vulcanized rubber outsole for traction. These shoes have a lower cut ankle design that eases movement. A lace-up closure system is available that has metal eyelets to hold the foot intact on the footbed. Superga shoes have a low-top shoe shaft style, and the classic insole is cushioned for comfort. Its midsole provides a lightweight feel with bounce-back and durability.

The upper canvas material is breathable and lightweight. These shoes come in different colors, so you can choose according to your preference. The shoes are true to size, which means you can order your specific number and the embroidered Superga brand name on the side to complete your look. See the manufacturer's site for more details.

Superga Shoes

Superga shoes for women vs. Skechers Bobs

Superga shoes for women Skechers Bobs
Shaft Low-top High-top/Low-top
Closures Laces Lace-up/Loop
Available Colors 8 7
Material Leather, canvas, cotton, rubber Suede, synthetic, soft fabric, soft leather

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