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Sun Visors for Subaru Legacy

Subaru Legacy sun visors come in all different styles, including painted, flip-down, and portable. Each serves a slightly different purpose. Cleaning your visors regularly will help them to stay practical.

What are some qualities of painted visors?

The Subaru Legacys painted sun visor is typically between either of the flip-down visors at the front of the car, located at the top of the windshield. Often, this visor is made from tiny dots that gradually dissipate down the very top of the windshield. The visor begins as a painted, solid black bar at the top of the shield to block sun that the flip-down visors are not suitably angled to accommodate.

What do flip-down visors entail?

The Subaru flip-down sun visors are installed above the drivers and front passengers sides of the roof, next to the windshield. These are designed to flip down and also left to right or right to left in order to block sun coming in through the windshield or side windows. Often, this visor includes a small mirror covered by either a flip-down door or a sliding plastic cover. Some models also have lights installed next to the mirror.

How do portable sun visors function?

Legacy portable sun visors are made to fold up, accordion-style, in order to fit inside the entire windshield when the Legacy is parked in a sunny area. The shiny side of the visor faces outward to reflect light away from the cars interior and to keep it cool. This also provides decreased visibility through the front of the Legacy if there happen to be any valuable items inside while it is left unattended. Portable visors for the Subaru Legacy are often available in a wide variety of colors, prints, logos, and images.

What materials are sun visors made from?
  • Subaru painted sun visors are, predictably, made from various sorts of paint. Flip-down visors vary based on the interior of the Legacy. Some styles may be made from hard, durable plastic while others may involve fabric or softer materials. The mirror component is glass, and the door covering the mirror is almost always some type of plastic for protection.
  • Portable visors for a Subaru are made from various synthetic materials. Some may include nylon edges while others include some metal in the reflective areas. Fabrics may also be used to create printed designs.
How do you clean a sun visor?

Cleaning a Subaru Legacys sun visor depends on what materials it is made from. Hard plastic visors and painted models can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Reflective materials on portable visors can be cleaned the same way. Fabric can be vacuumed with an appropriate attachment.