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Honda Element Sun Visors

Sun visors are an important part of a cars interior. They are necessary for helping drivers and passengers shield the sun from their eyes while driving. When you choose to use your Honda Element sun visors, it helps with visibility on the road and prevents glare.

What types of Honda Element sun visors are available?

There are several types of sun visors available for your Honda Element. One type is the standard visor that comes with your Honda - the kind that sits above the windshield and folds down to protect a driver or passenger from glare. The other type of visor available is the shield that covers the entire windshield while the car is parked.

What are the benefits of a Honda Element sunshade?

Sunshades have several benefits.

  • They help keep the interior of your vehicle cooler when the weather is hot and when the car is parked in direct, full sunlight.
  • They help preserve the life of the dashboard, as repeated exposure to harmful UV rays and sunlight can cause the color to fade over time.
  • They protect the interior seats somewhat from harmful sunlight, as seat finishes and color can also fade over time.
What are some features of Honda sun visors?
  • They typically match the interior color of the car for a seamless appearance.
  • They sit on a hinged flap that allows the visor to fold down towards the windshield to block glare.
  • One side of the visor is typically removable from its hinge so the visor can be swung to the left (for the driver) or the right (for the passenger) to block sun glare from coming through the side windows.
How do you select a Honda Element sunshade?

Some visor manufacturers create custom-made sunshades that are cut to fit the exact width and height of your windshield. When selecting a sunshade, be sure that it matches the make and model of your vehicle to ensure a good fit. There are also universal sunshades available that may fit a variety of vehicles.

What replacement parts are available for Honda sun visors?

You may need to order a sun visor clip (this is the part that allows the visor to be turned towards the side window) or the stationary mount that keeps sun visors affixed to the area above the windshield when not in use. Other replacement parts may include the mirror or mirror cover that is typically on the other side of the visor.