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Steering Racks and Gear Boxes for Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is an AWD vehicle that uses a steering rack to help improve your steering as you drive. Understanding this part of your minivan and its many trims, such as the XLE, will help you keep the wheels straight on the road. With a selection of steering racks and gear boxes for the Toyota Sienna minivan, you can find the right parts for your vehicle.

What is the purpose of the steering rack?

A Toyota steering rack helps keep your car running smoothly. It connects the steering wheel to the linkage and helps transmit your wheel movement to the vehicle transmission. If this small part fails on your Sienna, you are going to be unable to turn your Toyota at all.

Does the Toyota Siennas gear box protect the driver and passengers?

A properly working gear box protects you and the passengers in your car by making it easier for you to turn your Sienna quickly and efficiently. While it wont affect the mileage of your vehicle, it does help it run more smoothly and avoid steering errors. You should be able to find a gearbox that fits a Sienna of just about any year.

What kind of parts make up this element?

The design of this part is straightforward. It attaches to the steering control with a bracket and then to the steering linkage with another bracket. Various screws and bolts hold it together to keep it compact as a single unit. This design helps it to move simply and without errors. Thankfully, it also keeps it from suffering from various types of serious failures as it runs.

What materials are used in this Toyota box?

The build of a gear box is typically crafted out of strong metal, such as stainless steel. This material helps to make it much stronger and resistant to weather damage. For example, rain and other precipitation are unlikely to damage this element in your motor. The connecting elements, such as screws and bolts, are also usually made out of metal. Replacing these items on your gear box can help it hold together during tough driving situations.

How do gear boxes differ?

The simple design of a gear box means it typically doesnt change that much. For example, a 2004 V-6 Toyota Sienna is likely to have the same steering rack as a similar model from 2010. Even a four-cylinder vehicle from this same period is likely to have the same build. However, it is important to check each type before installation. Some driving and car options, such as anti-lock brakes, cross-traffic control, and traction control may change the part design slightly.