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Dodge Journey Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

The Dodge Journey is a crossover SUV introduced by Dodge in 2009 that has much space as a minivan. Though the SUV received a face lift in 2011, all models are compatible with many of the same parts. Splash guards and mud flaps for Dodge Journey help you keep mud and dirt off your Dodge.

What are mud flaps?

When you first think of mud flaps, you likely think of those used on semitrucks. Usually made from rubber or another type of flexible material, each flap fits and attaches to the bottom of your vehicle. As you drive, the mud flaps catch mud and other debris that you run across. It pushes that debris back onto the road and away from your Dodge. Mud flaps also help keep your wheels clean and your undercarriage clean, too.

What are splash guards?

Splash guards are a little different than mud flaps. You can actually order these guards when you first buy your vehicle, and the Dodge dealership will install the guards for you. These attach underneath your Dodge and sit close to each wheel. Splash guards come in different colors to match the official paint colors used by Dodge too. When properly installed, the guards blend with your vehicle and have a more permanent look. Splash guards are usually made of metal or a type of heavy-duty plastic that lasts as long as metal does.

What are branded parts?

Branded mud flaps refer to products that have some type of branding on them. Branded parts from Dodge will use the companys name and/or logo on the front of the mud flaps. The manufacturer includes information on the package that tells you whether those flaps will work on your Journey. Dodge also offers products in different colors. You can get flaps in shades of black or gray that complement your paint color or guards that come in the same official paint colors as the Journey does to match your paint.

What are aftermarket and unbranded parts?

While you might think that only Dodge makes flaps and guards for the Journey, other companies do too. You do not need to worry about the generation of Journey that you drive because mud flaps are compatible across most models. When looking at guards, you may find that some only work for vehicles made between 2009 and 2015 though. Others may only work with models made before the manufacturer introduced a new design in 2011.

Those made by other companies may have their own names and branding on the front. Examples of companies that make aftermarket flaps and guards for this vehicle include Prozone, Mopar, and RoadSport.

Unbranded flaps and guards come from a number of different companies that do not use branding. Those flaps may have the official manufacturer logo in a prominent location but come from a company unrelated to the manufacturer. All of these parts are also available as direct replacements as well as custom products, which let you change the look of your Dodge Journey.