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Speedo Swimwear Size 4 and Up for Boys

Summer is the time for swimming. There are many types of swimwear that can be worn to the pool or the beach. Speedo swimwear makes many styles and sizes for boys of any age.

What swimsuit styles and designs for boys are available?

Speedo products are available in a variety of styles including:

  • Jammer shorts, which are tight-fitting for athletic or competitive use
  • Rash guards, which are swim shirts made to protect the torso from abrasion or sunburn
  • Volley, which are shorts with an elastic waist instead of Velcro

Many of the prints feature a solid, vibrant color scheme. Others are made from a fabric of a solid color. A general splash of color is typically found going down one side or other of the swimsuit. They can be bought as briefs or trunks.

How are Speedo products maintained?

Giving boys' swimwear proper care will make it last longer. Here are some tips for proper cleaning of your swimsuits.

  • Rinse as much chlorine out of the suit as possible as soon as you get out of the pool.
  • Do not wash your swimsuit in a washing machine, as it may damage the fabric.
  • A detergent will help get all the chlorine out, but use only a liquid detergent for delicate fabrics.
  • Never use chlorine bleach. To remove stains, you can use an oxygen-based stain remover.
  • Never use an automatic dryer. The heat will damage or fade the fabric.
  • Lay the suit flat to dry, but avoid direct sunlight, as it will also fade the colors.
What swimsuit options are suitable for specific swimming situations?

The Speedo briefs and trunks are suitable for casual swimming routines. Speedo products, such as jammers, that are long and sleek are made specifically for athletic activities.

What size do you need?

You can find size charts on the Speedo website. Speedo swimwear sizes go from a child's size 4-7 and boy's sizes 8-20. For those who swim for sporting activities, Speedo suits come in youth sizes 20-28. These sizes correspond to the boys' sizes 6/7 up to 18/20.

How is Speedo swimwear made?

This swimwear is made from several different blends. These fabrics are given names such as Aquablade, Endurance Lite, and Extra Life Lycra Fiber. The most common components of these fabrics are Spandex Lycra, polyester, and PBT. PBT is a special type of polyester that has the stretch needed for swimwear.